TheCapeRobyn – aka Robyn Y Cohen -has over twenty years of experience in print media as an arts and lifestyle writer. She relishes the global audience of the exciting digital media world and is loving sharing stories from Cape Town, the African continent and elsewhere, with readers of TheCapeRobyn magazine: Arts. Destinations. Style.

TheCapeRobyn’s reach includes – stage, film, music, food, drink, travel, books, mind, body and soul – the creative, innovative, engaging, and exciting. [Note: There are many Robyn Cohens – just as there are numerous John Smiths. This Robyn Cohen has a middle name beginning with a Y. Let’s go with TheCapeRobyn). TheCapeRobyn motto: Go while you can.

Cohen has a MA in fine art from The University of Witwatersrand. Her little book, Nearly Finished- a guide to home renovation, was published in 2006, by Double Storey (ex-imprint of Juta). Nearly Finished was based on a series of humorous articles, the Story of My House, which she was commissioned to write for the Cape Times, documenting the renovation of the family’s home. The book was translated into Afrikaans as Amper Klaar – ‘n gids vir huisvernuwing.

Robyn Y Cohen is a member of SAFREA- The South African Freelancers Association


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