Art exhibition: Artist and composer Attie Esterhuizen’s I Talk to The Trees, on at The Ladder, Cape Town, from November 1, 2021

I Talk to The Trees- exhibition by artist and composer Attie Esterhuizen

Where: The Ladder. 136 Bree Street, Cape Town
When: From November 1, 2021. There will be a First Thursday’s event on Nov 4- and the venue will stay open until late
Opening times:  Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 2pm- but late on Nov 4- First Thursdays
The Ladder has a breakfast and lunch menu, with delicious food to order

Attie Esterhuizen art on social media
Facebook: AttieStudio

Attie Esterhuizen’s art exhibition, I Talk to The Trees, will be presented at The Ladder in Bree Street, Cape Town, from November 1, 2021. It is his third solo art exhibition. The Ladder is an exhibition space, studio, craft hub and one can order yummy breakfasts and lunches. Info as supplied:

About Attie Esterhuizen and his exhibition, I Talk to The Trees

Following his two previous sold-out exhibitions, I Talk to The Trees, is his latest collection of artworks, exploring the journey of life in turbulent times as a walk through an empowering, never-ending forest. Using a combination of gold leaf and mixed media on oil pastels, Attie engages with trees as a metaphor for life. We strive to remain strong and firmly rooted during difficult times, while we must adapt and be flexible, as branches in the changing winds.

Many people have been experiencing challenging times over the past eighteen months, and the forest has always been my sanctuary,” says Attie. “The trees stand like supporting, steady pillars of strength, listening unconditionally and patiently as we seek to ground ourselves, while their gently, ever-moving branches embrace us and remind us to be kind to ourselves, accept ourselves and weather the intense seasons.”

Born in Johannesburg 1988, Attie is an internationally acclaimed composer and visual artist, having composed most of his work abroad in Paris and New York. He attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and continued his studies in Boston and New York. Attie moved to Paris where his musical works were performed by world renowned orchestras, and it is there that his love for the visual arts blossomed. In 2012 Attie produced an animation film which was nominated or won over 50 international awards including the award for Best Artistic Direction at the San Diego Film Festival. I Talk to The Trees is his third solo art exhibition.

About The Ladder

The Ladder Traditional Arts Studio aims to nurture the appreciation of traditional arts and craftsmanship from around the world. Through workshops and exhibitions, they help study and apply what we learn from art traditions of the past and present, and re-discover the beauty of the order of nature and re-apply this beauty and harmony to our daily lives and broader community. 

Sponsored content. Featured image – Meet Me There – by Attie Esterhuizen. His art exhibition, I Talk to The Trees, will be presented at The Ladder in Bree Street, Cape Town, from November 1, 2021.