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“The  average 14-year-old rural child has a reading age of seven” That  chilling statistic has been supplied by Rally to Read– a Public-Private partnership which was established in1998 when established organisations with resources combined for a common cause- to rally for literacy. The Rally To Read initiative was the result. The organisation has delivered books to youngsters in areas where books are not commonplace. Rally to Read has for example, supplied fully equipped classroom box-libraries. It facilitates teacher training, classroom support and mentoring. This amazing drive has suffered due to Covid-19 and with school closures, there is an urgent need to get books to youngsters, who have missed out on education. Cognisant of the lockdown and the pause in education, Rally to Read has put in place a fundraising campaign. ? Every donation – no matter how small- will be matched by one of its partners. For instance, if you donate R50, that R50 will be matched by one of the partners- increasing the amount to R100.

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? Paying it forward, Rand for Rand!

This year has proven stormy on so many levels, and the economic chaos resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has left non-profit organisations like the Rally to Read, reeling. As a non-profit organisation of 23 years standing, Rally to Read has worked tirelessly to promote literacy at grassroots level, in remote rural schools across South Africa. Over 1 000 schools have been reached through the programme, which involves visiting selected Rally schools to deliver books, teaching aids, educational equipment and more. In conjunction with this, the Rally also provides teacher training, classroom support, and mentoring over a three-year period.

? Covid-19: hurting literacy where it’s needed most

The year started off on an excellent note, with one of six rallies successfully held in Mpumalanga in March. Then the year fell apart, lockdown was implemented and imminent Rallies were cancelled.  Given the pandemic logistics, it was decided that virtual Rally school tours would be held, to keep private and corporate sponsors appraised of the Rally schools’ progress. With corporate and private donors feeling the pinch, Rally to Read was in a quandary in terms of raising adequate funds to complete the 2020 Rally programme.

? Angels to the rescue: The Jonsson Foundation steps in

The Jonsson Foundation, Rally to Read’s lead partner, has promised to match all new 2020 sponsorships, RAND FOR RAND, up to a total of R500 000!  Jonsson’s pay-it-forward gesture can potentially make a huge dent in Rally to Read’s 2020 target, and while half the pledges are for the Western Cape, this attractive rand-for-rand pledge is limited to the Rally’s Drakensberg, Eastern Cape and Free State programmes. It applies to pledges made from 23 July 2020.

? Fund the dream alongside us!

Are YOU moved to work alongside Rally to Read, to promote literacy in a country where the average 14-year-old rural child has a reading age of seven? The Rally needs your donation, no matter how small. Know that every cent you give, will be matched by our generous lead partner! Help them keep the Rally dream alive, and fuel the literacy vision to new heights!

For more information, please visit and pledge your support by clicking on the donate button! Alternatively, please email  to connect with the Rally to Read team.  In addition, be sure to join the conversations on:

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