Cinema: Wrap weekend European Film Festival 2022- catch Olga – October 21 to Sunday October 23

The European Film Festival South Africa has been screening online and in cinemas, from October 13, 2022 and wraps up on Sunday – October, 23, 2022.  We have been treated to sixteen films from European cinema- all have been nominated for awards and most have received accolades. The online screenings have been available at no charge – an incredible opportunity for South African viewers.

Olga – a Swiss film – has not been available online- although it has been screened in Cape Town at the Labia and in Johannesburg at Ster Kinekor, The Zone. Olga, screens Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23 (midnight and once it is in your ‘library’, you should be able to watch it for 24 hours. Note – some films have been made available for limited viewing and can sell out, so hop online now and rent your films (no charge). Direct link for Olga-

Info for the entire film festival, here: Booking: Note: The Worst Person in The World is no longer available. It was online for a limited time and the cinema screenings are over.

For the final weekend, readers have been asking me for the ‘best’ films the ‘good’ films. Which films do I recommend for a binge-watch last dash weekend of viewing? How does one define ‘best’ or ‘good’? I have watched 11 out of the 16 films. I have not seen one ‘dud’. It has been a nuanced body of work, this festival. If you ask me, which films that I ‘enjoyed’ and which I found ‘entertaining’ and that is another story. I loved these films- enjoyed them and was immersed in their nuanced narratives. All up, this is my watchlist for the final weekend – plus Olga (which I have not seen yet).


Ali & Ava stunning love story, set to a glorious play list of songs


I’m Your Man– romance sci-fi – yeah I know- don’t be put off – fabulous film


Migration, identity, home, land

The Emigrants– home is where we plant apple trees from our home country – powerful film with lyrical script, wow cinematography and performances


Brighton 4th – family matters – no matter where you are and home is where you make it- outstanding script, intimate narrative on an epic scale


✳ Featured image – Olga – supplied by European Film Festival (SA).