ATKV-Crescendo concert– Sit Dit Aan  
Date: Saturday, October 7, 2023
Venue: The Daisy Jones Bar, Stellenbosch
Time: 18:00 for 19:90
Tickets: R100            
Bookings: Contact Ronel Vorster at or 021 880 1761.    

The ATKV-Crescendo is a development programme – upskilling songwriters and immersing them in multiple aspects of the music industry. The project is focused on exploring Afrikaans – sounds and idioms and participants are invited to write and sing in their own dialects and embrace their individual heritages. Auditions are held annually and there are various mentorship programmes. Read on for news about the current round of ATKV Crescendo finalists who are involved in a final week of training (October 1 to 8, 2023) and who will perform in a concert, Sit Dit Aan on Saturday- October 7. Guest artists include Petronel Baard, Sarah Theron, Whaden Johannes and Gracia Nicholls.

ATKV-Crescendo finalists gearing up for final training week and concert

ATKV Crescendo finalists are ready to show off what they learnt from industry experts during this year’s training sessions.

The nine finalists have one final week of training scheduled from October 1 to 8, 2023 at Huis Du Preez in Stellenbosch, after which they will be taking to the stage to show off their newly enhanced skills on October 7, in a concert dubbed, Sit Dit Aan.

According to organizers, “The top nine finalists will receive intensive training during the week which will add to their knowledge and expertise enabling them to enter the South African music industry competently and equipped to establish their careers.”

The course involves a two-day intensive ARTEMA Entrepreneurship In The Arts workshop presented by Chris de Bruyn from North-West University, as well as production management, marketing and identity development lessons by CogNative Design Solution; publicity management lessons by Clayton Morar Media as well as production management and styling by Marina Prinsloo of TheImage.

Whaden Johannes, 2016 finalist and mentor, says that training boot camps have given rise to a feeling of family between Crescendo finalists and mentors alike. “We have such talented people working on this project. This time, I’m very excited to be a mentor as it gives me the opportunity to give back, helping others with knowledge and expertise I needed when I started out in the industry,” he explains.

The Sit Dit Aan concert is a follow-up to the 2022 production which had artists place themselves twenty years into the future at a mock reunion concert complete with cameras, directors and makeup artists with the attendees playing the part of a live TV audience.

Guest artists for this year’s concert include Petronel Baard, Sarah Theron, Whaden Johannes and Gracia Nicholls. “Sit Dit Aan promises to be nothing short of absolutely unique. An event not to be missed with a gathering of exceptional sounds and a reunion of talented, creative souls,” said creative director Robin Fourie.

“Combining talented writers with a laser-focused belief that society can be changed for the better through music, viewers can look forward to a groundbreaking production for a new type of artist, a new type of community of creative thinkers and, of course, a new type of sound,” he added.

“The ATKV-Crescendo team is constantly challenged to innovate and create a living legacy. This year’s workshop and Sit Dit Aan show will be no exception,” explains Gerrie Lemmer, executive head of culture at ATKV.

“The Sit Dit Aan concert is more than just a production. ATKV-Crescendo is known for challenging artists and audiences alike. In the process, a unique show is created that touches the soul of the finalists and the audience. We realize all too well the significant role ATKV-Crescendo plays in the development and progress of young people, as it gives meaning and value to Afrikaans music, enriches people’s lives, and influences our thinking,” says Gerrie.

This year’s concert takes place on October 7 at the Daisy Jones Theatre, outside Stellenbosch. Tickets are R100 per person.

ABOUT ATKV-Crescendo

●       ATKV-Crescendo is not a talent competition. It is a development programme aimed at equipping songwriters with expertise. The project also focuses on discovering new sounds in Afrikaans and all participants are encouraged to write and sing in their dialect ensuring that there is a constant flow of new talent, songs and sounds in the Afrikaans music industry.

●       Auditions are held annually to find new aspiring songwriters. Auditions are offered as far as possible between metropolises as well as areas where people do not have easy access to these types of events. There is also an annual opportunity for digital entries.

●       Each person who auditions must do a performance of a song written by him or herself, followed by a one-day workshop hosted by a team of Crescendo mentors. At the end of the day finalists are selected for the mentorship programme, which is presented annually and consists of finalists selected during auditions as well as finalists selected from the digital entries.

●       The project places a tremendous amount of focus on human development, and the core of training and development is grounded in two concepts, namely character and integrity.

●       After the mentoring programme, finalists are selected for the finals of ATKV-Crescendo which consists of a final workshop of about a week concluded with a launch concert. The launch concert offers finalists the opportunity to share the stage with the mentors. During the week of the workshop, they rehearse with the Crescendo orchestra.

●       Part of the training offered is entrepreneurship in the arts and this course aims to empower artists as entrepreneurs to ensure that they can be self-sustaining.

●       The team of mentors is selected from a diverse pool of musicians and artists, thus ensuring that each finalist is served with as much expertise, knowledge and relevant experience that each mentor can offer from their reality and frame of reference.

Concert: Sarah Theron is a guest artist at the ATKV Crescendo concert, Sit Dit Aan, on Saturday- October 7, 2023 at The Daisy Jones Bar in Stellenbosch.

✳ Featured image: Whaden Johannes, 2016 ATKV Crescendo finalist is now a mentor for the programme. Pic supplied. Sponsored content.