Concert review: Love Lives here – Alistair Izobell- online Valentine’s Day Show, February 2021

What: Love Lives here – Alistair Izobell
When: Sun Feb 14, 5pm – Sun Feb 21, 7pm – 2021 Platform: Online – pay-per-view via Quicket Tickets: R100  

Yesterday, February 14, 2021, Alistair Izobell took to the digital stage, streaming his Valentine’s Day concert, Love Lives here. The concert was live streamed from the Waterfront, with a small socially distanced audience, in attendance. Also on stage are: Cheswyn Ruiters, Nicoleen Saal, Daylin Sass, Andrea Anthony and Zia Fillies. The concert recording is available for one week, as pay-per view by Quicket – last slot to watch is 7pm on Sunday February 21, 2021.

It was very moving watching this concert, presented by a very emotional Alistair Izobell. Here we are, almost a year into the pandemic with a show which would usually take place in an arena or theatre setting. A year ago, many of us could not have envisaged that this pandemic would go on so long and it is far from over. In the concert, Alistair Izobell talks about the extreme challenges facing the entertainment industry, right now. The pandemic has decimated income streams for artists. Ticket sales from streamed shows make a significant difference in assisting artists to feed their families. Each ticket sold for an online concert, means a lot and he thanks people for their support: “We have not worked for 11 months. You are supporting livelihoods – not just shows.” With all the challenges, he says that he is “grateful to be alive” and for all the good things in his life. He mentions that his family celebrated the 18th birthday of his daughter, on Friday (Feb 12). He tears up when he talks the death of another friend and colleague – news that he heard yesterday- the day of the concert. We keep going – as we must. Love helps a lot. Love is muses, “is the common thread amongst human beings… We are born into love.”  It is not just romantic love that is being talked about. It is love and caring towards each other. Love and other emotions are expressed so well in songs. We can relate to the sentiments as we sing along and feel the music move us.

Alistair Izobell almost had me in tears, listening to him sing. He has put together a terrific line-up which includes the magnetic Cheswyn Ruiters. As always, Alistair shares stories about the songs and the artists, sharing the stage with him, collaborating. The nice part of a stream is that one can re-wind (after the initial show has gone out live). I rewound most of the songs. There I was watching on a screen – and not in a performance space -but the music made me smile and wistful. I felt a surge of optimism, that yes, everything will be okay – one day.  Tremendous work has gone into this concert – musical arrangement, costumes, sound, lighting design and choreography. Alistair Izobell knows the business- from every angle. He has been in showbiz since he was 12 and a child star on musicals like Petersen-Kramer musicals like District Six. He has toured internationally and performed with greats like Stevie Wonder. Pivoting from his start as a child star, he has built up a formidable career – not only a performer, music director, choreographer but as a producer. In addition to producing his own work, he produces and works with others on joint ventures. One of his passions has been providing a platform for young and emerging talents. Sasha-Lee Davids who was joint winner of Idols SA 2009 [she was 18 at the time], was cast in Kaapse Jol – an Alistair Izobell production [Baxter, 2016]. He subsequently became her manager and producer. Izobell is producing her live stream show on February 27, Sasha-Lee Davids Live – February 27, 2021. Quicket

Support creatives and tune into the world of online entertainment – the digital stage. Yeah, we know that there is Netflix, ShowMax, DSTV, YouTube and what-what and a lot is “for free”. Our creatives are putting out extraordinary work in these strange days. Witness what they are doing. Be present. Please do not plead the excuse of ‘streaming anxiety’ or ‘streaming fatigue’. I hear people exclaiming that they “are so over with Covid.” Please, spare a thought for creatives who are creating entertaining online shows; such as Love Lives here.  As Alistair Izobell says, each ticket purchase will make a difference to the creatives and production staff involved in an online show. Watch Love Lives here – one week to click in and enjoy. Get your tickets for Sasha-Lee Davids Live on February 27, 2021.