Dance theatre alert: Elvis Sibeko’s Dance Can Dance – The Spirit of Enchantmentback on stage- September 2021- at Artscape, Cape Town

 What: Dance Can Dance, The Spirit of Enchantment- September 2021 Where: Artscape Opera House When: Friday September 10 and Saturday September 11,  2021 – three shows – two 7.30pm shows and 3pm on the Saturday Bookings: Computicket and Artscape Dial a Seat 021 421 7695. Presented by: Elvis Sibeko Studios and The Cape Town Philharmonic and Artscape   Tickets: R150 and R100 for students and block bookings. Covid protocols will be in place

In May 2021, I attended the 2nd performance of Elvis Sibeko’s Dance Can Dance at Artscape- a dance spectacle which includes Mawonga Gayiya- an illusionist – in the lineup.  The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra was playing- enthralling- lights, sound, effects. It was great to be at this much anticipated showcase of dance and music. Check out the featured image on this page, photo by Joan Ward and you will see The Cape Town Philharmonic in the frame and the wonderous blue haze of light. We were loving the show and then the curtain came down. Gayiya came out and told us there were technical issues. The suave fabulous illusionist continued with his banter. He was super chilled- a delight to watch. Then an announcement was made that the roof was leaking. In Cape Town, after the Day Zero drought in 2015-2017, we can deal with rain. Here we were watching this fabulous show and the roof was leaking. The audience shrieked with laughter. Of course, we were disappointed that the show was interrupted but it felt “normal”. The show was not being halted by a Covid scare. It was not a load shedding situation. We felt the energy of being in a theatre, where there can be technical; issues. We knew that we would get another opportunity to see the show and now we are. Elvis Sibeko has been gallivanting in Europe, performing to rapturous applause. Sibeko is back to present Dance Can Dance– for three performances only. I can tell you that what I saw was spectacular and I look forward to seeing the full show. The roof has been fixed but with current lockdown regulations, only 50 seats may be sold per performance.  The show features ten songs – accompanied by dance and “celebrates the healing power of music”. For more about the show, see

Elvis Sibeko’s Dance Can Dance, The Spirit of Enchantment– to be presented at Artscape, Cape Town, September 10, 11, 2021 – three performances only. Photo: Joan Ward. Supplied.

*Featured image – supplied. Photo by Joan Ward.