Film: Zip Zap’s next chapter – exciting acrobatic art film- streaming online- April 24-25, 2021 (48 hours)

Film: MOYA What: Acrobatic art film Featuring: Zip Zap Circus, Cape Town, South Africa When: Streaming online for 48 hours from 00h00 on Saturday 24 April 2021 to 23h59 on Sunday 25 April 2021- UTC +2. SAST Tickets: R100 ticket (approx. USD 6.65/UK Pounds 4.90/Euro 5.60) Not geo-locked/blocked: Available around the globe Bookings: Quicket

Zip Zap Circus, Cape Town captivated audiences with films made for the vNAF- Virtual National Arts Festival, South Africa, 2020. Zip Zap won much deserved awards for its stirring films which not only conveyed the artistry of the school but also resonated with stories of the talented creatives. In the 2nd year of the pandemic, Zip Zap is releasing an exciting new film, MOYA, its first acrobatic art film, which is streaming for 48 hours only – April 24-25, 2021. Do not miss out. Info supplied by Zip Zap:

With almost fifty percent of their income derived from live shows, surviving a global pandemic has pushed both inventive as well as subsistence boundaries.  As a pivotal part of their evolution, Zip Zap Circus tell their next chapter through the launch of their first-ever acrobatic art film at the end of April.

Born from these tumultuous times is MOYA, an acrobatic art film rooted in South African culture as seen through the eyes of our youth.  MOYA is an artistic, bold and fresh project from their professional wing that hopes to ignite the uniquely South African ‘gees’ and pride in our Country, Province, City and in our rainbow people.  

We follow the protagonist who experiences living, breathing, laughing, and dancing through the technicolour and breathtaking landscapes and landmarks of Cape Town, discovering himself and his environment through the magic of circus.

Zip Zap Circus – launching its first art film, Motyo in April 2021: Back row: Phelelani Ndakrokra, Jason Barnard, Isobel Rossouw, Vuyani Lottering, Jemma-Rose Nelson. Front row: Jade Palmer, Jacobus Claassen, Silumko Ndulula in the Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

“Circus teaches us not only physical dexterity, but also mental resilience.  Enduring a global pandemic has compelled us to pivot and to explore alternative ways of engaging our supporters, keeping our students and staff motivated and of course, staying afloat.”  Says CEO and co-founder Laurence Esteve.

Staying true to the essence of Zip Zap, the professional wing pushes creative boundaries and explores collective acrobatic work, African dance (including Gumboots and Pantsula), as well as traditional circus disciplines. 

MOYA is directed and choreographed by three young circus artists namely, Brin Schoellkopf, Samuel Renaud and Sabine van Rensburg, and is exquisitely captured through the lens of two videographers specializing in movement film, namely Brin Schoellkopf and Nic Good.

“This is a project that symbolizes the evolution of Zip Zap. An opportunity to tell the next chapter of their story without looking back – and share it with the world.” Adds movement filmmaker, professional circus artist and Zip Zap alumni, Sabine van Rensburg.  

Proudly supported by:  The National Arts Council, the African Culture Fund, WESGRO, French Institute of South Africa – IFAS Culture.

You can watch this art film on-demand anytime for a period of 48 hours from 00h00 on Saturday 24 April 2021 to 23h59 on Sunday 25 April 2021 – UTC +2. SAST.

Your R100 ticket (USD 6.65 / UK Pounds 4.90 / Euro 5.60) serves the entire household, promises cutting-edge entertainment and is an investment in social change and youth empowerment. 

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MOYA is proudly supported by The National Arts Council, the African Culture Fund, French Institute of South Africa – IFAS Culture and WESGRO. 

Zip Zap Circus, Cape Town

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