The South African National Dance Trust, headed up by the vivacious Robyn Taylor has curated a programme of dance films – at no charge – for free download – during lockdown South Africa. The free downloads started on the Easter Weekend and will continue until end of April, 2020 – the scheduled end of lockdown.

Robyn Taylor says: “Yes, SANDT has done a lot of research and have curated what we feel are the best productions, documentaries in dance that are available.  There is so much on offer and can be confusing to a discerning audience.  We have scheduled a weekly program which includes one documentary and one production every week. This is on offer to our whole data base and we’d love to grow this in order to share with as many people as possible. We encourage people to send their email addresses to us in order to be included on our data base (no cost).  They will then receive these curated programs weekly.  They can e-mail:

Updated – Wednesday April 29, 2020:

Akram Khan’s Dust is available to stream online from at 8pm, for 48 hours only. This work by the English National Ballet, was first staged in 2014 as part of its ‘Lest we Forget’ programme, “commemorating the centenary of the First World War.”

Robyn Taylor: “The piece was inspired by two things: First, the concept of a trench, of young and old men all going into the trenches… and disappearing. And secondly, the substantial shift in society toward women and their part in the Great War, the losses they suffered, the jobs they had to take on, and the cyclical nature of one person having to risk their life so that another might live.

The SANDT website address is but is currently under construction, so best to e-mail Robyn Taylor and get on the mailing list. It is a free service.

Image credit: Afternoon of a Faun – Hugo Marchand. Photo copyright: Sébastien Mathé / OnP.Photo supplied.