Online streaming during Covid-19: Master Harold …. And The Boys

The Fugard Theatre in Cape Town is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2020. A jam packed programme was scheduled for this year. The launch production was Athol Fugard’s play, Master Harold …. And The Boys which was due to run from February 4 to March 21, 2020. Covid-19 intervened and because of the national lockdown in South Africa,  the curtain came down early at the theatre and the season was interrupted .

The enterprising folk at the Fugard Theatre arranged a film recording and it is available to watch – at no charge – see details below.

I was fortunate to see this superb production and gave it a five star review. See the review on this website, TheCapeRobyn.

Online streaming during Covid-19: Master Harold …. And The Boys

Direct link:

Limited time: The free streaming link is valid until April 20, 2020. Watch it while you can. No payment required. ✅The  Fugard Theatre has extended free streaming of Master Harold …And  the Boys until May 20, 2020- free for Friends of The Fugard by password. See it’s website for details.

Age restriction: The Fugard Theatre notes: “This production carries an age restriction of PG for language and prejudice and the recording contains a racial slur. The Fugard Theatre does not condone the use of the slur in any way.”

Image credit: Kai Luke Brummer, Desmond Dube and Siya Mayola. Photo: Claude Barnardo.