Gospel music: Interview with Jerry Seabela, of the new group, Divine Souls, which is releasing its first single, Thel’umoya on November 3, 2020

What: Thel’umoya (Pour your Spirit), a single Genre: Gospel Music Release date: November 3, 2020 Platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tik Tok, YouTube  Group: Divine Souls Artists: Jerry Seabela, Maphuta Monareng, Sabata Masoka Linda Gwesu and Maureen Molokomme Info: mapolala@gmail.com

Jerry Seabela is a banker by day and a music producer- in his spare time. During lockdown, he established a group, Divine Souls, in collaboration with gospel stars, Maphuta Monareng and Sabata Masoka. Seabela says: “The group was formed to assist in promoting upcoming artists who are independent and also to assist them to produce quality and affordable music.” They are all Joburg based. Divine Souls is releasing its debut single, Thel’umoya on November 3. A full album is in development for release in early 2021. Thel’umoya was written during the lockdown. They worked remotely – using digital communications. When lockdown restrictions were eased, they were able to get together, in-person and complete the project. Seabela: “This has taught us that everything is possible with God. And we are glad to have finally executed the idea as we mostly keep shelving the ideas. This song, Thel’umoya, is a prayer to God to pour his Spirit and heal the Nation.”

TheCapeRobyn: The group is a collaboration – you Jerry Seabela, Maphuta Monareng and Sabata Masoka. Whose idea was it to put this group together?

Jerry Seabela: It was the three of us just chatting on WhatsApp brainstorming about what we can do after lockdown. We have seen a need to create a platform that we can use to promote the up and coming artists.

TheCapeRobyn: Thel’umoya may be translated from Zulu into English as Pour your Spirit. Reflections on the title of the single, please?

Jerry Seabela: The single Thel’umoya is a song I came up with when I looking at the pandemic situation we are facing. It is actually a prayer to God that he should pour his spirit of hope, for him to give us strength to stay strong because we can only make it when He’s in control. 

TheCapeRobyn: How did the name of the group come about- Divine Souls?

Jerry Seabela: We were thinking of a name close to Godliness. Our chat group was actually Divine Brothers then we thought since this was for everyone we should change to Souls.

TheCapeRobyn: In addition to the core group members, who else is featured in Thel’umoya?

Jerry Seabela: Two additional members are also featured on Thel’umoya single: Linda Gwesu and Maureen Molokomme. We have been working together with this ladies on the other projects. We wrote a verse in English and Linda converted it to Shona to give it another flavour. Maureen also brought in an Apostolic/Zion flavour to the song.

TheCapeRobyn: Information about the release of Thel’umoya?

Jerry Seabela: We are releasing on November 3. The single will be available on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer,Tik Tok, YouTube etc.

TheCapeRobyn: Are you open to producing and collaborating with others – in Gospel; and other genres?

Jerry Seabela: We only focusing on Gospel Music but we also have friends doing other genres. It will be a great pleasure to assist where it is possible. I may be contacted via e-mail: mapolala@gmail.com

Founders musical background

  • Jerry Seabela is an new Gospel Music Producer who produced Maphuta’s EP Album Bakhusele, Kgotso Makgalema’s Single Ke Ngoana Hao and Linda Gwesu’s Single Theola Moya (Durura Mweya). His most recent project (October 2020) is writing and producinng Thel’umoya by Divine Souls.
  • Sabata Masoka is a forma Joyous Celebration Member. He is known by a hit song Siyosulwa and also Nkosi Ngisimamise on Mthunzi Namba’s Album Send Your Glory. He also worked with Artists like  Wendy Mseleku, Rebecca Malope, Benjamin Dube, Sipho Ngwenya and many more across different genres. Sabata released his live album, Restored, in 2018.
  • Maphuta Monareng is a former Ga-Rankuwa Holy Brothers, and worked under Solly Moholo Productions. Under his Label Smoothmap Entertainment, he has produced and managed artists like Maureen Molokomme and Landile Maxwele. He worked with artists like Deborah Fraser and Winnie Mashaba. Maphuta released his EP album Bakhusele, in 2020.

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