Sea Cadets Backabuddy campaign for SLT (sub lieutenant) Mike Taylor

Target amount: R65 000.00

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Organiser of campaign: Lt Cdr Chris Hand – commanding officer, TS Sea Cadets, Springs (Gauteng)


A fundraising campaign was launched at the beginning of August [2020] to raise funds for essential surgery for SLt Mike Taylor. The 46 year old sub-lieutenant has serious health issues. He requires urgent surgery, which will need to be carried out in the private health care sector. Commander Chris Hand – of TS Sea Cadets Springs, Gauteng – is organising the campaign. In doing so, he would like to draw attention to Mike Taylor as an individual, his community work during the lockdown and his contribution to the Sea Cadets in Springs, Gauteng. In the naval/marine community, there is the belief that “no shipmate shall be left behind”. Chris Hand has put this campaign together, with that in mind – to assist Mike Taylor who has given his time to the Sea Cadets for many years, upskilling young sea cadets. An amount of R 65 000.00 is the target for The Mike Taylor backabuddy campaign. As of 18 August 2020, R 31 329.50 has been raised – almost half way there. It is important to note that this is a fully audited campaign and that all funds will be paid directly to doctors and other providers.

This is what Chris Hand says:

“SLt Mike Taylor, aged 46, was diagnosed as a young man with cancer after contracting severe malaria. Over the years, he has had good times and bad times. As his cancer(s) have progressed, he has received various treatments – first through a private medical aid, and lately through Government Health Services.

The past year has seen his disease progression worsen. With limited funds available to the State, they are unable assist other than to offer pain relief. In the past three months, Mike’s condition has deteriorated and he is in constant pain. After consulting with a pain specialist, it has been determined that an operation is required to sever certain nerve connections to his leg and groin areas to alleviate the pain, as even morphine does not help any more.

SLt Taylor has been an active adult officer/instructor at TS Springs since 2017, where he has assisted in providing opportunities for and sharing his knowledge of nautical matters. He has been a mentor and role model to the more than 100 TS Springs Sea Cadets. Despite his situation, he has been actively involved over the COVID-19 pandemic in packing and delivering food parcels to Sea Cadet families from TS Springs.

Unfortunately, the type of operation he requires cannot be performed by the State and the only hope is via a private procedure. His family are also without an income, as his wife has been forced to close her business due to COVID-19. The cost of the operation is around R50 000, with another R15 000 needed for post-operative care. This operation will provide SLt Taylor with an opportunity to continue to be a supportive husband and loving father of their two sons, while continuing to contribute in a positive way towards maritime youth development.”

About the Sea Cadets

The South Africa Sea Cadets is a non-profit organisation. It is dedicated towards training learners at school, for a career in the maritime industry.

Each Sea Cadets chapter is staffed and run by volunteers. Chris Hand is the commanding officer of TS Springs (Gauteng). Yes, Gauteng. It is near Brakpan. TS stands for Training Ship. TS Springs was established in 1916 in Springs. It moved to Brakpan in 2004 and then moved back to Springs in 2014 – to the Springs Central Air Scout Base. Cadets from TS Springs have won the SA Sea-Cadet-of-the-Year once since 1981. It is an incredible organisation. Please support the backabuddy for Mike Taylor and consider supporting Sea Cadets TS Springs – money as well as expertise -is required to assist with training programmes.

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✳Photo supplied: Lt Mike Taylor with TS Springs Sea Cadets preparing food parcels during COVID-19 for Sea Cadet families.