Health: Stress and pain relief with cannabis-based range, manufactured by Adcock Ingram (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Product: ADCO CBD – cannabis-based range of over-the-counter supplements for stress and pain



Stockists: Selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, independent pharmacies and online stores

Formulation: Drops and tablets (capsule and gel). No sugar or tartrazine.

The year of stressful living: I think that most of us will agree that 2020 has been a year of unfathomable stress. The emojis were going out on New Year’s Eve that this was going to be a fun year, a great year. Well, no. It hasn’t. The global pandemic of Covid-19 and the National Lockdown has resulted in stress on many levels – economically and emotionally. We have no idea how long the pandemic will be around and when and if an effective vaccine/treatment will be available – and accessible. For now, we do our best – sanitizing, wearing masks, social distancing, eating healthy food and doing want we can- in terms of what our budgets allow.  For those already dealing with physical pain due to illness and/treatment, the pandemic anxieties have taken that to another level.

Much has been written about the benefits of medicinal cannabis – to ease pain and stress. I was  interested to learn that Adcock Ingram (Pty) Ltd, recently released its flagship cannabis-based range in South Africa. ADCO CBD was released in May and is available in selected Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, independent pharmacies and online stores. See and join the conversation on

CBD stands for cannabidiol – a compound that is found “in the cannabis plant which researchers have been studying for possible therapeutic use.” A cannabidiol isolateis being used in the ADCO CBD range of products. The isolate has been processed from the cannabis raw plant, under strict laboratory conditions and is compliant with the South African Government Gazette regulations which not only permits but specifies very precisely that CBD preparations may contain a maximum daily dose of 20 mg CBD.This is important in a time when home-based industries are popping up. Whilst it is great that people are being entrepreneurial, it is not a game to start prepping products with cannabidiol isolates. The process requires medical knowledge and hygienic conditions to manufacture the products. Don’t think because a product is “natural”, that you cannot get ill from an overdose. It is also a concern that home-based operators may be selling products in containers which have not been sterilized and which may not actually have the ingredients which are indicated on the packaging.

Does cannabidiol work? Research provided by Adcock Ingram (Pty) Ltd and which is on its website, indicates that CBD “may assist with the relief of minor pain and symptoms associated with stress. CBD may well help to ease inflammatory-, tissue-, muscle-, joint- and neuropathic pain.To add to that: “It has also been shown to provide relief to those experiencing anxiety, muscular tension, restlessness, fatigue and poor concentration.From my reading and talking to people who are using cannabidiol isolates is that some rave and some don’t. I have a daily dose of vitamin-C, dissolved in water and I will say that the fizzy shot provides me with energy. There is compelling research that vitamin C has immune boosting properties. Others say that they don’t get that buzz. From what I can gather the research on cannabidiol is that it works very well for many who report that they feel a considerable easing with physical pain and stress. The ADCO CBD range has been strictly manufactured as per Government Gazetted regulations, so unless one cannot use it as per warnings on the packaging, it looks like a good option for people who are looking for over-the-counter meds to help with stress and pain.

I have yet to try the ADCO CBD range. I will report back, after I try the range. I certainly could use some release from stress and anxiety from lockdown and the worry over the pandemic.


Available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml), capsule and gel format (50 g)


Available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml) and capsule format and ADCO CBD DAILY available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml) and capsule format.   

Products are laboratory tested, quality controlled, and do not contain sugar or tartrazine.

Recommended retail pricing – valid August 2020 – may change

Prices include vat:

ADCO CBD PAIN 200 mg Drops 15 ml: R344.99.

ADCO CBD PAIN 600 mg Drops 30 ml: R595.99

ADCO CBD PAIN 20 mg Capsules (30): R595.99

ADCO CBD PAIN Gel 50 ml: R349.95


Drops 15 ml: R344.99.


Drops 30 ml: R595.99


Capsules (30): R595.99

ADCO CBD DAILY 200 ml Drops 15 ml: R344.95

ADCO CBD DAILY 600 mg Drops 30 ml: R595.99

ADCO CBD DAILY Capsules (30): R595.99

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