Health: Taking the edge off daily stressors with CBD

This has been a year of challenges – and stress. Until a vaccine is found and is readily available, we are living with the pandemic. I think that we can all do with ways of taking the edge off the daily stress we are up against. Check out this info, supplied by ADCO CBD. In May 2020, the cannabis-based range, ADCO CBD, was launched, in South Africa:

Taking the edge off daily stressors…

If we ever thought life was getting more and more stressful as the years went by, this year has surely pulled out all the stops. Not only are we dealing with the kids, helping with projects, burning the supper and endless multi-tasking; there’s social distancing, home schooling, online meetings, tough economic times… the notorious pandemic list goes on!

All this leaves one wondering how people cope. Thanks to extensive research into the health benefits of the much-debated cannabis plant, the myths and legends are now supported by science. Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has been shown to have several beneficial pharmacological effects.1

After a recent ground-breaking ruling of the Constitution Court, and publication of a Government Gazette on the 22 May 2020, regulations state that CBD preparations containing a maximum of 20 mg of cannabidiol, per daily dosage, may be sold in South Africa as S0 Complementary Medicines, which opens up new treatment options.2

Armed with the facts, Adcock Ingram launched its flagship cannabis-based range, ADCO CBD, in South Africa. This is great news for those of us who feel overwhelmed with those daily stressors that never seem to end, as ADCO CBD DAILY assists in the maintenance of general health and well-being.3

The ADCO CBD range comprises ADCO CBD PAIN, available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml), capsule (30 capsules) and gel format (50 g). ADCO CBD STRESS is available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml) and capsule format (30 capsules), and ADCO CBD DAILY is available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml) and capsule format (30 capsules). Products are laboratory tested, quality controlled, and do not contain sugar or tartrazine.

ADCO CBD products are available in selected Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, as well as selected independent pharmacies and online stores. For more information, please visit and join the conversation on Facebook.



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