Healthy treats: Coffee pioneer David Donde has launched innovative range of sugar-free chocolate: Minimalist Chocolate 

He did it with coffee and now David Donde, innovator of Truth Coffee, has extended his gaze to chocolate, with the launch of Minimalist Chocolate. How does, one get a rich, creamy and tasty chocolate, without sugar; additives, soy lecithin, fructose and all the other sugar alternatives? It is all in the roasting process. One may drink an Truth espresso neat –without the need to sweeten –because the beans are roasted in a way that there is no after-taste. True story. The same principal applies for Minimalist Chocolate. We consume way too much sugar and sugar alternatives and this range looks like it ticks multiple boxes – healthy AND delicious. Information follows, as supplied. We will be finding out more from David Donde, so check back with TheCapeRobyn.

Flavour explorer David Donde launches a first – sugar-free Chocolate made with just two ingredients

Rich, creamy, tasty chocolate that is unsweetened

As the man responsible for bringing specialty coffee roasting to South Africa, David Donde has a history of pioneering flavour profiles that win over South African palates. Realising that the world of chocolate looks like coffee did before the rise of Speciality Coffee, a journey into chocolate began.   Now, he’s transferred the expertise of Truth Coffee to cacao for a Minimalist chocolate that defies expectations.     With a focus on guilt free, clean, ethical ingredients and a lot less sugar – well, no sugar at all. In fact, Donde’s secret is once again in their roasting processes: with this unique treatment, chocolate can reach its most flavourful form without sugar, additives, soy lecithin, fructose and all the other nasty sugar alternatives usually found in chocolate.

“No-one is brave enough to say ‘no sugar required’,” says Donde, referring to his bold approach to two of the world’s favourite little luxuries. “We did it with coffee in 2005 with the launch of Origin Coffee Roasting, and now we’re doing it with chocolate. The approach is simple: no bitterness in the chocolate to begin with, so no sugar needed to overcome it.”  


This beautiful simplicity culminates from collaboration between a group of people passionate about coffee, chocolate and the possibilities of flavours. Donde and Minimalist co-founder Ken Walton have identified experts and those who share their passion to bring the project to life, and the team, from roasters and chocolatiers to chefs and cocktail bartenders, they’ve all become a part of the delicious result.    The cocoa beans used in the creation of Minimalist are fair trade, from bean to bar, and Donde’s tie to the project goes well beyond his affinity for the process. As a Jewish person in touch with his heritage, he found his personal and professional interests dovetailing as he learned the history of the region from which the beans were sourced. Centuries ago, 2000 Jewish children under the age of eight were tragically enslaved for Sao Tome’s sugar farming. By taking ownership of this production, Donde has been able to illuminate a little-known aspect of history.

Minimalist’s distinctive packaging features cut-outs that demonstrate that sometimes cutting out the unnecessary can yield beautiful results in the slab. Minimalist’s classic chocolate bars are crafted from just cacao and milk, making for an after-taste and creamy texture that are seriously more-ish. They are presently putting the finishing touches to a dairy free oat milk bar that is the vegan flavour equal of their flagship chocolates.


The brand’s extended product selection also offers something for the sweet tooth. Bon Bons come in five irresistible flavours: hazelnut, salted caramel, Truth coffee, dulce de leche and Christmas cake, for some sugared decadence at its finest. Chocolate gift boxes are available in batches of 5  bon-bons.   

“Chocolate without crap in it. That tastes good? That has a long lingering and pleasant aftertaste? Buy some, you decide,” concludes Donde.    

Minimalist Chocolate Bars will be available from Truth Coffee, online and at selected retail outlets

Hot Chocolate, Bon Bons and gift boxes are exclusive to Truth Coffee situated at 36 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

Minimalist 60% Dark Milk Chocolate Bar – R80
Dairy Free 60% Oat Milk Chocolate Bar – R90
Bon Bons in gift boxes of 5 – R80  

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