In the Limelight: A Big Welcome to Rally to Read’s Two New Ambassadors- February 2022

In the Limelight: Dr Emmanuel Taban and Barney Mthombothi- new ambassadors of  Rally to Read, South Africa

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Rally to Read, focuses on promoting literacy at grassroots level, in remote rural schools across South Africa. is proudly welcoming two new ambassadors to its team.  This is exiting news- with the appointment of Dr Emmanuel Taban and Barney Mthombothi. Info as supplied:

A Big Welcome to Rally to Read’s Two New Ambassadors

Rally to Read is incredibly proud to welcome two new ambassadors: Emmanuel Taban, an award-winning lung doctor and pioneer in the treatment of Covid-19, and Barney Mthombothi, a former FM editor and now a famous newspaper writer.

At age 16, Taban escaped Sudan when his father died in the civil war and spent two years on the streets of Eritrea. After being rejected by an uncle in Kenya, he continued south, eventually reaching SA. With the help of charities, he re-started his education, becoming a doctor and then a pulmonologist. His story is told in his autobiography, The Boy Who Never Gave Up. Last year, Taban was named one of the 100 most influential Africans by New African magazine.

Rally to Read Ambassador: Dr Emmanuel Taban has been appointed as an ambassador of Rally to Read, SA. Supplied.

Former Financial Mail and Kwazulu-Natal-based Sunday Tribune editor Barney Mthombothi previously headed-up SABC News. He is a respected political analyst. His academic achievements include a Reuters Fellow at Oxford in 1986 and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University in 1994.

Rally to Read Ambassador: Barney Mthombothi has been appointed as an ambassador of Rally to Read, SA. Supplied.

Taban and Mthombothi both share Rally to Read’s unwavering commitment and devotion to promote literacy at grassroots level, in remote rural schools across South Africa. 

“We are extremely privileged and honoured to have Dr Taban and Barney Mthombothi as our Rally to Read ambassadors,” says Brand Pretorius, Rally to Read’s Co-founder and Chair of the National Organising Committee.   “We appreciate their willingness to join hands with us, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship to bring optimism and improve the future of our youth in this country.”

To date, Rally to Read’s programme has reached over 1000 schools by visiting selected Rally schools to provide books, teaching aids, educational equipment, and more. The Rally also includes three-year teacher training, classroom support, and mentoring. This training is provided by SA’s leading education NGO, READ Educational Trust, which then monitors the progress of children and teachers.

Since Covid-19, the need for Rally to Read has expanded. Rural education has virtually ceased in many places. Teaching has been difficult without electricity, let alone computers, with parents fearing packed classes.

Rally to Read’s faculty ambassador programme is critical to developing our global footprint by spreading our message within sectors and into regions that need it most. Taban and Mthombothi bring a range of diverse skills and innovative approaches, complimenting the immense talent of our growing faculty ambassador team.

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