In the Limelight: Art meets science -aesthetic and regenerative medicine specialist Dr Reza Mia opens his first aesthetic medicine practice in Cape Town- following on his success in Johannesburg

September is Heritage Month in South Africa. September heralds the arrival of spring and renewal and growth. Masks are off and many of us have tired looking skins which could do with some TLC. Dr Reza Mia who has a huge following in Johannesburg is opening his first aesthetic medicine practice in Cape Town, this month [September 2022].  As a medical doctor (he has a medical degree from Wits), he has the skills and knowledge to assist patients in enhancing and improving their skin tone so that they can put their best face forward, with minimal intervention. Aesthetic and regenerative medicine is what he offers- always with safety in mind. Active in the field of Aerospace, he brings his passion for engineering into his practice of aesthetic medicine. Dr Mia is passionate about “art meets science” – working with care –aiming for “natural, good looking results.”

Unmasked – love for our skins

We are emerging out of the pandemic and people are out and about, back in public. Do you feel that people are taking better care of themselves, now that things are open?

Dr Reza Mia: “Yes, I feel like people are now able to pay more attention to their looks and their holistic well-being. With people going back to work and social events the need and benefit of good looks is more important and specific areas of the face that could be hidden by masks are now visible and we have seen a big increase in the need for non-surgical lower face lifting. To understand the full impact and importance of aesthetics on one’s social stature and financial income, please refer to my Instagram video series, titled, The psychology of Aesthetics, which is all backed by scientific research.” []

Natural, good looking results

When it comes to aesthetic and regenerative medicine, the goal is for the best possible outcome for a patient – and a ‘look’ which looks natural. This means that skill and knowledge is imperative. Building on the success of your practice in Johannesburg, you are now opening up in Camps Bay, Cape Town. This is envisaged to be the first of four practices in Cape Town.

Dr Reza Mia: “Aesthetics medical treatments are operator dependent which means that the results are determined but the skill and experience of the injector. My philosophy of timeless elegance which I have trademarked guides my product and treatment selection for my patients. Natural, good looking results are always our aim.”

Non-invasive treatments-avoiding surgery

Do all your treatments take place in your practices or do not take people into surgery, if required?

Dr Reza Mia: “We only do the non-invasive treatments and refer patients to surgeons where appropriate. Although I have worked in plastic surgery and with plastic surgeons, I am not a plastic surgeon. However, I do apply my knowledge that I gained from working with plastic surgeons to my treatment considerations. My focus is on aesthetic and regenerative medicine. Surgery should not be the first port of call and we use aesthetic medicine to reduce, remove or delay the need for surgery.”

Ethics – not pandering to unrealistic expectations

Do you turn people away who are too young or older people who have unrealistic expectations?

Dr Reza Mia: “Yes we turn patients away where necessary but we would first try and get them to understand the full implications of their request. The majority of patients understand that we have their well-being at heart.”

No quick fix- servicing of our skins

As I understand, with aesthetic medicine, one gets great results but one has to keep repeating treatments . It’s like having one’s hair coloured. The colour fades and must be redone. Are most of your treatments around that principal?

Dr Reza Mia: “We would like patients to look at this as going to the gym or servicing their cars, small regular treatments will give a more natural result and avoid the easily detectable look that occurs when people swing between a face that needs work and one that has had a lot of work done in a short period of time.”

Awareness of those not qualified to offer aesthetic medicine treatments

In addition to your medical degree. You have an MBA (University of Liverpool) and a MSc Finance and investment degree (majoring in investment banking and capital markets) and you completed a dissertation in Aerospace OEM analysis. Aerospace is a big interest of yours. You apply aerospace engineering and design to aesthetic medicine. This means that you bring precision to what you do. There seem to be heaps of people offering aesthetic treatments but they do not have medical training. Salons are offering dermal fillers and some have staff who did a six week course and that is it. In South Africa, does one have to have a medical degree to offer aesthetic treatments?

Dr Reza Mia: “It is completely illegal for no medical professionals to inject fillers and toxins, anyone who has found themselves in the unfortunate position of being a victim of such scams should report this as a case of assault to the police. For the patients out there it may seem like a cheap alternative to go illegal aesthetics treatments done but you will pay for it with your health, well-being and possibly your life. You only have one face rather save money elsewhere because a good looking face and body can make any set of clothing or handbags appealing, the opposite is not the case. Our motto is art meets science and there are layers of scientific research and artistic skill that goes into producing great results.”

Research into using umbilical stem cells

I was fascinated to read that you assisted Dr Robert Rey (aka Dr 90210, from E!’s hit show) with the first and only peri-umblical breast augmentation. I take it that this is using tissue from the umbilical cord for breast augmentation? Could a mother theoretically harvest the tissue/cells after giving birth and use that for a breast augmentation? Will this be available any time soon – in Cape Town?

Dr Reza Mia: “So there are two things that you are speaking about here. The first one is the surgery that we performed which was an implant inserted into the breast through the umbilicus. So that there are no scars. Then the second thing that you are speaking about is more in keeping with the regenerative medical side of things which would be to take umbilical stem cells and to use them to stimulate different areas in the body. Stem cells are universal, anybody can use anybody else’s stem cells, as long as they have been screened for infectious diseases, however, stem cell treatment is illegal in South Africa and require approval from the Department of Health and a failure to obtain such an approval can result in 10 years of jail, therefore, in order to conduct the study is aimed at these types of innovative treatments I have started a non-profit organisation called Hilarion Medical Research, I will share more about this as we proceed and once we have obtained SARS approval for issuing tax certificates to do it.”

Fun time

What do you do to relax and decompress?

Dr Reza Mia: “Although I really enjoy my work, I like to go to the gym, walk my dogs, watch movies and series while I read or walk on my walking pad. I enjoy taking part in practicing self-defence such as martial arts, and going to the shooting range. Spending time with my animals is therapeutic and relaxing for me. “

Natural, good looking results: Medical doctor, Dr Reza Mia, has built up a large following in Johannesburg in the field of aesthetic and regenerative medicine. In September 2022, he is opening his first aesthetic medicine practice, in Cape Town, one of four practices he is rolling out. Care and safety is always a priority and he works with the skin/face as canvas. He is constantly on the look-out for new technology and research. For updates on what is on offer, check out his informative Instagram page
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