In the Limelight: Free at National Arts Festival 2022- lots to do- at no charge

Free performances, exhibitions and diversions at #NAF2022 June 23 to July 3, 2022 in Makhanda at

Exhibitions – most of the exhibitions walkabouts on the Curated Exhibition platform – are free to attend but booking is required

Sundowner Concerts – at the Monument at 5 pm- duration of festival. Entertainment, quickie teasers of shows. Free. No bookings required

Village Green – buskers, stalls, eats, music. Free entry into the area

Galleries- at the Monument and in Makhanda – free entry to most spaces  
Visit for the full programme and bookings  

#NAF2022 #ItWillChangeYou    

Howzit from the 2022 National Arts Festival. It is Thursday June 30 and we are heading into the wrap-up weekend of the festival, which ends July 3. There is loads to do- at no charge – so get here and enjoy. See box for details of what is on offer. It has been gratifying to see the support of people who live in Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown – and still refereed to that – by most people –what can I say). There has also been a big influx of people from Port Elizabeth. On the day that the festival kicked off, June 23, it was announced that the indoor mask mandate was being scrapped and that venues could be filled at 100 capacity. This has resulted in last-minute arrivals. I have bumped into tons of people that I know, from Cape Town and Johannesburg who decided on the sour of the moment to get to NAF. Some have made it into a Great South African Road trip and others have managed to get flights. People were encouraged that with the venues being able to sell tickets at 100 capacity, that they could get last-minute tickets- and they have managed to see amazing shows. Get to NAF 2022, closing weekend. #ItWillChangeYou 

The Village Green: Stalls, food, entertainment and wonderful craft. The Village Green is at Victoria Girls School. Pic: © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen.

❇ Featured image – The Village Green – with stalls, food, entertainment (at Victoria Girls School). Pic: © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen.