In the Limelight: Harnessing entrepreneurial essence with innovator Nomalanga Sitole –founder of The Voice Within – creating memorable eventing experiences

The Voice Within, founded by entrepreneur Nomalanga Sitole, is an events company, which creates memorable and unforgettable experiences. The Voice Within is emblematic of the innovation and drive of the entrepreneurial Sitole and the passion and attention to detail that she brings to her extensive skill-set. She is an accomplished MC, inspirational speaker, facilitator, voice-over-artist, author and TV presenter and has over 20 years of experience in broadcasting, event management and marketing leadership. Everything that she does is grounded in positivity and at the same time, it is informed by realism and acknowledgment of the challenges that we all face and the need to be always be tuned into ‘the voice within’.

Upbeat but edged with realism

“We are all broken but last time I checked, broken crayons, still color”. Love this. This is your Instagram post, welcoming in October 2022. You recognize how fragile we are at the moment but you are so upbeat, but it is edged with realism. Where does your vitality and positivism come from- personal circumstance? Who is your positivity role model?

Nomalanga Sitole: I was self-sufficient from a young age having been raised by grandparents and a single mother. I would spend a lifetime detailing my circumstances – however in short, every time I went into a valley and didn’t think I would be able to get back onto the mountain top, one way or another I made it back up in my fragile state and I was still able to color my world. My positivity model? My late grandmother and my mum – they both persevered and still persevere through every struggle and keep blessing those around them even without reciprocity.

Storytelling as the primary medium of expression

Storytelling appears at the heart of what you do- ‘A nugget of one’s story can propel another to live out their destiny and purpose’. This is from your website. Can you tell us about your journey?

Nomalanga Sitole: I was raised in Bulawayo by my maternal side of the family and now and again my mother and I would visit my paternal side of the family in Orlando East – Soweto. My parents were not married, hence I was raised by one side and visited the other as often as we could.

As an only child, I was blessed to say the least. I was allowed to be my authentic self, loud and in your face. At age 18 after my A-levels in high school, I auditioned to be a co- presenter for a Youth Edutainment programme, Teen Scene. I made the cut and trained as a broadcaster through a Deutsche Welle TV program, whilst I was on the programme.

I eventually became the anchor of the show at some point and was on TV for four years. Little did I know that was God’s set up for me to do what I am doing now.

In the many years of corporate employ in different sectors, I would MC internal events and I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Many years later I realized that speaking was my gifting and with years of experience including corporate eventing and marketing expertise, my business was registered in 2014 and started operating a year later when I took the leap of Faith and ended my corporate career to follow my passion.

Motivational booklet

Be Authentic | Be Bold | Be You: This is your booklet in which you inspire young people, to realise their potential, through “faith and authenticity” and “by cultivating their gifts and talents. The booklet is available via your website. Is it free – or is there a cost?

Nomalanga Sitole: It is available at a cost – I always prefer to personalize the booklet before I send it off.

Random acts of kindness

In one of your posts – you poignantly say you say that some “stranger remembers you because you were kind to them when no one else was”. Who do you credit with ‘kindness”? Who helped/mentored you in your career?

Nomalanga Sitole: I will be very honest – I cannot say I’ve had a mentor along my journey – I have invested in coaches and watched how other people do what they do. Most importantly It is my Faith in God -Faith Walk- that has pushed me this far and having people that believe in me and what I do when I don’t believe in myself. Most of my corporate career managers and colleagues always told me I was in the wrong career, however being in that space gave me stability in terms of thinking. It taught me governance in the work place. I have made friends for life and I know where to go and to get what in terms of my business – be it partners or suppliers.

Gearing up for the new year in a post Covid economy

Anything else to add – as we go into the last months of 2022 and get ready for 2023- hopefully in a non-Covid economy – with everything on track?

Nomalanga Sitole:

  • Be Authentic, no one can do what you do, the way you do it. #Be Authentic #Be Bold #Be You
  • Believe in yourself, be fearless and stop worrying about what people will say.
  • Should you fall along the way, get up, dust yourself and keep moving forward.
  • Research whatever industry you want to get involved in, remember your Why, and start with what you have – the rest will follow if you stay Diligent and Consistent.
  • I am a firm believer of purpose and passion combined. We all have something to give to someone in whatever shape or format – God given gifts, talents and expertise.
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