In the Limelight: Health is literally wealth, Murray Hewlett, CEO of Affinity Health, SA medical insurance provider

Affinity Health, South African medical insurance provider

Affinity Health was established in 2011. In just over a decade, the medical insurance provider has made its mark in providing affordable health cover for its members. Since its inception, its CEO, Murray Hewlett has been passionate about extending its reach in terms of transformation and community upliftment.

Health is literally wealth

One of your mantras is that ‘health is literally wealth’. You note that ‘if employees are not feeling well, they cannot work.’ Does Affinity have special buy-in deals for companies to cover their employees?

Murray Hewlett: “Yes, we have a multitude of packages. We have specialised teams of sales people who will be able to guide companies on how best to cover their employees.”

Transformation and conduit for change

Affinity has shown its commitment to social change and cohesion. If a corporate entity signs up hundreds/thousands of its employees, is Affinity able to work a transformation aspect into the deal?

Murray Hewlett: “There is transformation in everything we do. All large clients have active CSI [Corporate Social Investment] requirements and we are able to work with these companies to tailor a package that best suits its needs. We have a staff base of 60% female employees which is highly uncommon in the financial services sector but a testament to our company culture.”

Wellness Package

What does Affinity offer in terms of incentives- loyalty programmes, preferential booking, gym, saving schemes?

Murray Hewlett: “We have been surveying the market for some time now and have a progressive wellness package launching soon- a Wellness Package designed to meet current market needs as customers have evolved -from benefits such as discounted movie tickets and free popcorn to more utility focused offerings.”

Plans to branch into the African continent

Beyond SA, does Affinity Health, already have a presence on the African continent or is this happening now?

Murray Hewlett: “Future plans are certainly to break into neighbouring countries and expand into Africa but our main focus is to saturate the South African Market before broadening our gaze.”

Tailoring medical insurance with providers in mind

What does Affinity offer in terms of the affordable and reliable construct?

Murray Hewlett: “Taking the affordability of cover into account, and providing benefits that will cover the cost of hospital admissions for the most common illnesses is what Affinity does. Finding the correct facility and doctor and treatment protocol given the constraints of distance, location from facility, funding mechanism and what specialists are available is what Affinity brings to the table. This understanding of the existing system of hospitals, doctors, dentists, radiologists and pathology labs allows Affinity to provide excellent benefits at affordable prices.”

About Affinity Health and its transformation projects  

South African provider, Affinity Health, established 2011, is on a mission to become one of the largest medical insurance companies on the continent, by focusing on local requirements and affordability. Affinity Enterprise Holdings has a diverse portfolio which includes, Health Enterprises, Affinity Dental, Affinity Rescue, iER, Medical Society, National Risk Managers, and Affinity Financial Services.  

CEO Murray Hewlett has a passion for transformation and has made sure that “his business offerings are a conduit for change”. By actively contributing to various NGOs and initiatives around the country, he has continuously shown that he believes in investing in the future of the country. Over 100 NGOs have benefited from Affinity’s outreach programmes and more than 500 thousand beneficiaries have received assistance through the programmes.    

Early Childhood Development

The core focus has been Early Childhood Development, with the adoption of a school within the Chief Albert Luthuli area, where Affinity has contributed to the school library.   

Humanitarian efforts

Affinity Health has aided in by providing assistance to communities in the East Rand and West Rand, Homes of Safety, Old Age Homes, CareGivers and Soup Kitchens. Support has been in the form of nutrition, clothing, hygiene products and various empowerment workshops.  

Food donations, vegetable gardens

Affinity has donated non-perishable foods to families in Kaalfontein, Great North Road (Benoni) and Alex, after devastating fires in their areas.  Food parcels have been provided to families, primary schools and churches, involved in sustainable projects. Affinity advocates educating around vegetable gardens – to maintain improving food security in communities.  

Feminine hygiene initiatives

Affinity provides feminine hygiene products on a monthly basis – supporting local schools with sanitary products. They also contribute to Boy Child Programs that are hosted by NGOs.  

Medical Societies in townships

Affinity Health is in the process of rebuilding a high school in the West Rand and it is piloting a Medical Society facility in selected townships- to create employment, make medical services readily available and uplift the surrounding communities.  

Savings scheme to build homes and create jobs

It is envisaged that Affinity’s savings scheme, overseen by the 100% Foundation, will allow selected homeowners to upgrade from zinc structures to brick and mortar homes. It is hoped that the “mind shift programme” will help create and place various members of the community in permanent jobs.     

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