Zip Zap’s MOYA- 2023 season

Cape Town

Artscape Opera House – August 3 to 6, 2023

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The Teatro at Montecasino -August 31 to September 10, 2023

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MOYA by Zip Zap Circus started off as a film, screened online in April 2021. The stage version of MOYA was presented in 2022, in Cape Town, Makhanda (National Arts Festival) and Johannesburg. Now, MOYA – a revamped stage version will be on in 2023 in Cape Town and in Johannesburg – with the addition of original music and new acts. Most of the new music has been composed by Josh Hawks, former bass player of Freshlyground. Exciting new. Zip Zap’s artistic director and co-founder, Brent van Rensburg, provides insights:

TCR: How has the show shifted since the first staging in 2022 – in terms of concept? Is it still framed around the market?

BVR: MOYA has been revamped and now features brand-new acts, freshly produced original music, and an infusion of heart-pounding performances. The show still blends contemporary and traditional circus in an epic tale inspired by true-to-life Zip Zap stories.

TCR: Can you tell us about staging MOYA in Cape Town at Artscape? The 2022 staging was in the Dome. Obviously working in the theatre, shifts the staging?

BVR: We will have access to a lot more lighting and a much bigger stage, and of course a beautiful theatre for the audience to sit at the heart of Cape Town city – which will enhance the whole experience. 

TCR: Will there be live music accompaniment in MOYA 2023?

BVR: No live music but this production features an originally composed score of music by amazing South African artists. Most of the music has been written by Josh Hawks, former bass player of Freshlyground. The next step will be performing it with a live band.

TCR: Can you tell us about the choreography?

BVR: The choreography is a daring and creative mix of acrobatics, several dance genres, and lots of emotion. It is the product of a collaboration of many talented performance artists, circus directors, dance icons, and the cast members themselves. A true cocktail of creativity, art and dynamism.

TCR: Insights into new acts are in MOYA 2023? Is the company the same – ie circus artists – or have there been changes?

BVR: There are lots of new elements, including Diablo, club juggling and hand balancing. We also have three new cast members: Akho Narwele, Masizakhe Kovi and Silumko Ndulula) but you will have to come see all the new surprises for yourself!

TCR: The costumes and design?

BVR: The theme behind the costumes is urban wear, inspired by South Africa’s youth, which allows the performers to move freely and express themselves fully.

TCR: Can you tell us about the mood of this incarnation of MOYA? The film was somewhat reflective and the stage show was a lot more upbeat. What about the 2023 edition?

BVR: The 2023 edition of MOYA tells a vibrant and moving story of life through a variety of artistic mediums, which resonates with and captivates audiences of all ages. The 2023 edition is upbeat, emotive and leaves us all with a smile and sense of hope.

✳ This interview has been marginally edited for clarity. Featured image: Silumko Ndulula who will be in MOYA by Zip Zap Circus. This photo was taken, during the recent staging of Zip Zap’s VOOMA, in which Ndulula dazzled with his his diablo skills. Photo: Joan Ward.