In the Limelight: QGC is set to uplift the Namibian mining town of Klein Aub – with reviving copper mining

Did you know that copper is a renewable resource? It can be recycled and re-used and is being punted as being key to the Green Economy as we shift into finding alternative energy solutions. From 1964 to 1987, copper mining was thriving in Klein Aub, a village in Namibia. When the mines shut down, it meant a huge loss in livelihood for the village and loss of skills as people left. It is great to see that QGC [Q Global Commodities], is currently looking at the feasibility of reviving mining in Klein Aub, with two projects, with an eye on sustainable mining and community upliftment and development. Read on for more:

QGC is set to uplift the Namibian mining town of Klein Aub

The village of Klein Aub is receiving a much-needed revenue boost as QGC rejuvenates the area’s once-flourishing mining industry.

Historically, Namibia’s Klein Aub was known for copper mining from 1964 to 1987, with silver as an accompanying element. However, the closing of the mines saw Klein Aub lose residents, skills and much of its vibrance.

QGC is currently investigating a reintroduction of copper mining through two projects at Klein Aub; re-working the tailing storage facility of the old mine and to establish what resources remain within the mineral rights. In conjunction with the project development, QGC will focus its efforts to invest in the town.

Copper is one of the best renewable resources. It is one of the few materials that can be recycled without a loss in performance. This is in line with QGC’s emphasis on environmental sustainability through its effort in exploring, acquiring, and managing environmentally conscious projects and mines.

QGC is intent on revitalizing the village and ensuring that a lasting legacy remains for the skills and workmanship that would benefit the community.

“Without a doubt, the mine will invigorate the village by bringing development that will increase the number of people that are in the town. Circulation of money in town will increase leading to more economic activities” says Charles Kauejao who acts as a spokesperson for the village.

Klein Aub is situated in the middle of a major tourist route and Kauejao hopes that QGC’s efforts and increased activities will encourage stopovers by tourists.

“The increase in activities within the settlement, and the anticipated number of people flocking in search of job opportunities, may cause the status of the settlement to change to a village or town status, and as a result, the government may bring new offices such as social security commission, and additional ministries to cater for the increase in population,” he said.

QGC has proven their commitment to uplifting the community by assisting the local school. To date they have donated key supplies and have also committed to sponsoring the cost of a much-needed secretary for the principal. Through discussions with the community, a development plan will be put in place to focus the revitalization of Klein Aub.

About the Klein Aub project

The Klein Aub project is a copper and associated silver mineral deposit. The project area is situated in the Rehoboth Rural constituency in the Hardap Region of central Namibia, roughly 80 km southeast of the town of Rehoboth and 180 km south of Windhoek. The town of Klein Aub is situated at the junction of the unpaved roads C14 and D1290.

The two projects that are currently being investigated are addressing the feasibility of re-working the tailings facility to recover both copper and silver and exploring the resources that are known to remain from the old mining activities. The underground mining activities were stopped in 1987 due to low copper prices. The tailings project is estimated to enable five years of mining, whilst the exploration project can potentially re-open the old mining infrastructure to access the remaining resources. It is estimated that up to 2 million tons of ore remain untapped underground.

About Q Global Commodities

QGC has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading independent commodity, logistics and investment houses. Through equitable partnerships and acquisitions, Q Global Commodities has expanded its operations by acquiring strategic resources to supplement its current operations while developing new ones. The well-being of the communities surrounding our mines is always of paramount importance to us, we make sure to upskill our community members and provide better infrastructure such as access to clean drinking water in their communities. Hence compliance with applicable legislation is a top priority in all areas of QGC operations in its efforts to minimise its mine.

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