In the limelight: READ Educational Trust, South Africa, announces appointment of new CEO, Sizile Mabaso

Who: Sizile Mabaso is the new Chief Executive Officer of READ Educational Trust, South Africa
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READ Educational Trust, which facilities incredible work as a non-profit organisation, for advocacy of literacy, education and reading has appointed a new CEO.  Watch this space for updates about READ’s projects and initiatives. Info as supplied:

READ Educational Trust, South Africa, announces appointment of new CEO, Sizile Mabaso

The READ Educational Trust Board of Trustees has appointed Sizile Mabaso as READ’s new Chief Executive Officer.  Sizile, a highly accomplished visionary with a proven track record of tackling illiteracy as part of a development agenda, assumed the leadership at READ and its associate entities on January 3, 2022.

NEW CEO: READ Educational Trust CEO, Sizile Mabaso

READ is a South African NGO that operates broadly in the education and literacy sectors, specifically in educator development and the provision of school resources. Established in 1979 and funded by both local and foreign donors as well as the private sector, READ works alongside the Department of Education to implement literacy impact programmes in schools.

With a focused and robust personality, coupled with a great sense of humour and an optimistic outlook on life, Mabaso is looking forward to enabling READ to play a more impactful role in the national and global agendas of educational equity for all. “Illiteracy is one of our country’s most serious problems, stunting individual progress and South Africa’s growth. READ is an organisation led by a purpose – to make a positive, meaningful impact on children across South Africa.  It is a privilege to be part of an organisation that strives to fight illiteracy on all levels and does its part to improve the societies in which we operate,” says Mabaso.

A qualified teacher, Mabaso holds a B Com degree in Economics, an Honours degree in Political Science, and is currently working on an MBA in Energy Sustainability. She has working experience in high school teaching, Government, non-governmental organisations, corporate donor trusts, as well as running her own consulting business. 

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