In the Limelight: SA musician, Keanu Harker, igniting good vibes through his music and his recent single, No More, released on June 16, 2022

Ladies Night- Keanu Harker with special guests
When: Saturday August 13, 2022
Venue: The Wave Theatre, 44 Long Street
Tickets: R180
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: /Whatsapp: 078 949 0773  

Welcome to August 2022. It is a new month. The days are getting longer. Spring and summer are coming and we are feeling good. Good vibes and making his fans feel good is core to the music of Cape Town based, Keanu Harker. He has a positive and inspirational world view, which is evidenced in his music. The 26 year old creative has established himself on the South African music scene as a multi-skilled singer, guitarist, performer and teacher. His single, No More, was recently released, June 16, 2022. This was his 2nd single and followed his debut first album, I Believe in Me [released November 2021]. For Woman’s Month 2022, Harker is headlining Ladies Night, August 13, at The Wave Theatre is Long Street, Cape Town. Details in box, above. Keanu Harker in conversation with TheCapeRobyn:

A lot more from Keanu Harker

You released your single, No More, on June 16, 2022. It follows your debut first album, I Believe in Me [November 2021]. No More is a follow-up to the single, I Believe in Me, from your first album. When can we expect your 2nd album?

Keanu Harker: “Yes, I released my latest single on June 16th and it’s been received so well already. My first album I released in November 2021, and I am hoping to launch and release my 2nd album between November and December this year [2022]. The track No More, will definitely be featured on that 2nd album.”

Music in the bones

You are self-taught? Where does your love of music come from? Did you grow up in a musically inclined family?

Keanu Harker: “I am a self-taught musician, yes, but my dad sings and plays guitar as well, which is where I hog it from. I went to study music further after I matriculated in 2013 so there are some theory and diplomas linked to it. I have a very big and musical family, so it was really easy for me to latch onto music and run with it, which is why I enjoyed studying it because it came naturally to me.”

Family influences

Your earliest memory of hearing a song that made you go- ‘wow- I want to do that?”

Keanu Harker: “I’ve been surrounded by music and singing ever since birth so I can’t really mention an exact moment or song, but I’m positive it must’ve been me hearing my dad sing in church and having such a passion for it that drew me to it, making me want to do that as well.”

Positive vibes

You are known for ‘motivational, uplifting music’. Where does this sense of positivity come from? From your parents?

Keanu Harker: “I love being inspired through music, and knowing how that makes me feel. I’ve always wanted to make other people feel that way as well and that’s part of why I do the type of music that I do. My parents have been the biggest supporters and influences in my life, and they’ve instilled these values in me which I now want to share with the rest of the world.”


What or who inspires YOU to be inspirational?

Keanu Harker: “I have so many inspirations in my life; my wife, my family, my mentors & leaders, pastors & colleagues. My dad is definitely one my biggest inspirations, I’m inspired by Jonathan Butler who I’ve had the privilege of sharing a stage with, and I’m really inspired by people who do so much for others and their communities who doesn’t get all the media coverage or chooses to do it in goodwill and not to be seen, those are the true inspirations.”

Motivational reading-Good vibes, Good Life

A film or book inspired you recently or what are you reading or watching right now that you would like to share with readers?     

Keanu Harker: “I recently came across this book called, Good vibes, Good Life, by Vex King. And just covers topics like how to practise self-care, overcome toxic energy and prioritise your wellbeing and to find your purpose and become a shining light for others. Being authentically you and using the gifts and talents that you hold to make that difference, first internally and then gifting it to others. Make sure you have your sanity and things will eventually and peacefully fall into place.”

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✳This interview has been marginally edited for clarity. Images supplied.