Interactive Impossibilities- featuring Bryan Miles, Jimmy Ichihana and Leon Etienne

“The show is not a passive experience, but rather an active one where the audience becomes part of the show.”

Bryan Miles talking about the magic show, Interactive Impossibilities taking place live on Zoom.

Interactive Impossibilities – details

Featuring: Bryan Miles (mentalist, SA), Jimmy Ichihana (magician, USA) and Leon Etienne (illusionist, USA)

Show streaming date: August 22, 2020

Time: 8-9pm (CAT – Central African Time)

Tickets: R75

Platform: Zoom

Direct booking link:  

How it works: After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a Zoom meeting, which grants access to the show. It will be streamed live, in real time. You cannot rewind or pause the show. The link will not be available after the show is finished

Lockdown interview: Bryan Miles on Interactive Impossibilities

Since June, Cape Town based mentalist Bryan Miles has been flummoxing audiences along with his colleagues from the USA -Jimmy Ichihana (magician) and Leon Etienne (illusionist) – with magic shows on Zoom. The shows have been sold out and now it is our chance in South Africa to sit there and gasp. With Zoom, there is the opportunity to be a participant and interact with the trio. Yes, it is bound to be very freaky – and fun. The show is being co-produced with The Drama Factory in Cape Town and it is a one off. Be present at the designated time. It is about being an active participant. The show will not be available as a recorded link.

TheCapeRobyn: The three of you have performed sold-out online shows in the USA and now, it is time for South African audiences to experience this show? More info?

Bryan Miles: Yes, we have been performing a string of LIVE online virtual interactive shows for mainly the American public market (we started in June) – the time zone never worked for SA audiences – hence this current show for South Africans.

TheCapeRobyn: Is this show geo-locked – only for SA audiences?

Bryan Miles: No it is not geo-locked – it is open to a global audience.

TheCapeRobyn: The world of magic is shrouded in mystery – but here you are – a mentalist from Cape Town working with two Penn & Teller magic artists. How did the three of you connect?

Bryan Miles: The three of us go way back to 2003 when we all worked in the USA teaching the art of magic on a summer camp. We did this over a period of three years together.  All three of us continued on to becoming full-time professional performers.

TheCapeRobyn: Penn & Teller’s signature illusion is when the American flag is set alight. Burning a flag is illegal but it is all an illusion and no flag is actually burned. Can we expect this kind of mind blowing act in Interactive Impossibilities?

Bryan Miles: Ha-ha! Yeah, the Penn & Teller artists are often tagged as the “bad boys of magic”. We certainly won’t be burning any flags, but we will definitely be performing some incredible mind-blowing magic that the audience will actively take part in. Each performer has a unique style – Leon Etienne is an illusionist; Jimmy Ichihana is a close-up card magician and I am a mentalist. So there is great variety in the show – something that not many other online shows are offering.

TheCapeRobyn: Zoom is a potent platform for magic – people can mute and unmute themselves in order to take part?

Bryan Miles:  Yes, our show is fully interactive. There are parts in the show where we spotlight randomly chosen volunteers and there are parts in the show where the entire audience participates. The show is not a passive experience, but rather an active one where the audience becomes part of the show.

TheCapeRobyn: Can you comment about using Zoom as a medium – yeah – it really is – for your work? Who would have thought a year ago that this would be space for interactive impossibilities?

Bryan Miles:  Yes, it is crazy times we are living in right now. The Zoom platform allows a special kind of experience for people. The difference between simply watching a pre-recorded video on the internet and our show is simple – in our show YOU get to talk to us directly – it is LIVE! It is a not a passive experience, but rather an active one that allows people from all of the world to experience a unique platform for magic – and in this case, two of the performers are American, which essentially means that the pandemic is actually bringing people ‘together’ in the digital space.

TheCapeRobyn: Your 13 part TV series TV series (2016) is up on your YouTube channel – so people can see how freaky you are. Marc Lottering says “Bryan Miles is not normal people” and I agree. Any plans to do another series?

Bryan Miles:  Yes, I am extremely proud of my TV series and had a lot of fun extracting the thoughts of celebrities and random strangers on the street, Marc Lottering was a lovely guest to have on my show and I hear that his post-show therapy sessions are going well (Marc, please return my calls ?). I currently have a few projects up my sleeve and South African audiences should keep an eye out for Bryan Miles.

TheCapeRobyn: Unless a vaccine is found soon for Covid-19 – it looks like Zoom is going to be the magic platform for a while?

Bryan Miles:  Yes, with the future of live theatre up in the air, it appears as though the virtual Zoom platform is going to be around for a while. I feel that even when things do perhaps go back to “normal”, the digital platform will remain an option for many performers. There are many pros and cons to the platform, but one of the main benefits is that one is able to hit a ‘global’ audience.

TheCapeRobyn: May people contact you to do Zoom magically distanced -parties, weddings, barmitzvahs?

Bryan Miles:  Absolutely – the bulk of my personal work is performing for private and corporate clients. This show is fully adaptable for just about any occasion and anyone interested in booking the show can e-mail

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