Interview: Fagrie Isaacs talks about his epic Luther Vandross tribute show- Here and Now- in Cape Town – November 12, 2022- one night only

Here and Now: Luther Vandross tribute show in Cape Town- headlined by Fagrie Isaacs

Venue: Hillsong Church, Century City
Date: Saturday November 12, 2022 at 7pm
Tickets: Upstairs seating – R180 /General seating: R200 /Golden Circle (VIP): R350
Bookings: Tickets can be purchased via WhatsApp from Naz Jacobs: 076 866 9767

Performers: Fagrie Isaacs will be accompanied by Salome, Andrea Fortuin, Jody Williams. Comedian Carl Weber is the MC
Presented by: SME and Fi6 Music

Cape Town-born, Strandfontein-raised Fagrie Isaacs (41) has been in the music industry for almost 35 years. Yes, he started young. He has performed in high profile shows such as Music Alla Kaap (2014) and Rocking the City (2017). He was a member of the boy band The Boyz and was its lead singer for many years. The group‘s album, Getting Ready for the Party was released in 2010, for the Rugby World Cup in South. His diverse career includes his passion and involvement with Malay choirs such as the Cape Malay Stars. In 2014, the Malay Stars performed in New York at Carnegie Hall at the South African Ubuntu Festival. Over the years, he has juggled other interests with his music (motor mechanic, call centre agent, banking, construction and renovation). Isaacs’ career in the live performance sector was railroaded by the pandemic. Now, he is going full-time into the music biz, with Here and Now – an epic tribute to Luther Vandross – as his first major production. In conversation with TheCapeRobyn:

Luther Vandross – “music touched my soul and never left”

You first heard Luther Vandross when your cousin arrived with a CD. How old were you? What was the year? Which CD was it?

Fagrie Isaacs: “I was about 14 years old. It was his 1994 album, Songs.  I was completely moved the first time I heard Impossible Dream. It made me feel things that no other song had ever done. I fell in love with his silky and soulful tone and musical arrangement. His music touched my soul and never left.”

Life of Luther Vandross – through song, comedy and stories

Format for the tributes how? Carl Weber is the MC. Will he be doing comedy? Luther was so young when he died – age 54 – in 2005. Will he give insight into the songs? 

Fagrie Isaacs: “There will definitely be some comedy, yes.  Yes, he will give some background info about the songs.  I will be remembering his life and I’m sure the audience will too.”

Luther Vandross music – timeless and soulful

Luther performed in SA in 1998 at Ellis Park? You did not attend?

Fagrie Isaacs: “No, I did not attend. It was exactly 24 years ago, October 4, 1998 – I was 18 years old at the time. I have seen snippets of the show, not the entire show, unfortunately. I would have loved to have seen him perform live. I know that South Africans loved him and his music. It is timeless, soulful and just makes you feel good, so who would not be a fan?”

Origin story of Fagrie Isaacs

Your career as a musician started at age six when you were the lead vocalist for your school choir. What was the school that you attended and do you come from a musically inclined family?

Fagrie Isaac: “I attended Strandfontein Primary and Oval North high school in Mitchell’s plain. My maternal uncle was a singer/performer and all the males in the family also belong to the Malay choirs. So yes I do come from a musical family.”

Taking the leap full time into the music industry

You have been in the industry for almost 35 years, you say but this year – 2022 – at the age of 41- you have gone full time. What made you take the leap – to go full time – now? 

Fagrie Isaacs: “After losing almost everything during Covid-19, I realised that no matter how much I worked to secure my family’s future that it could be taken away in a blink of an eye. It made me decide to do what I was passionate about all these years – and that was full time singing and entertaining. I had many careers over the last 23 years- from running my parents shop on weekends, to a being a motor mechanic, a call centre agent and even a banker. For the last seven years, I owned and managed my own construction and renovation company.”

Epic tribute show

This tribute show Here and Now- Luther Vandross tribute show -marks your first big show as a full time singer. This is a big show. Who is producing the show? Do you have sponsors? 

Fagrie Isaacs: “I am producing the show. This will be my biggest one yet.  At the moment my sponsors are Simplified IT services and Ohana Technologies, I would be really happy and appreciative to any businesses who would like to come on board.  My people are in for an amazing tribute. They are going to experience my best work ever and I am so happy to be able to share it with them all.”

✳ This interview has been marginally edited for length and clarity. Images supplied

Here and Now : Luther Vandross tribute show in Cape Town- headlined by Fagrie Isaacs- one night only -Hillsong Church, Century City, November 12, 2022.




✳ This interview has been marginally edited for length and clarity. Images supplied.