Interview: Leading Effectively in The Digital Era and Post-Covid-19, hybrid seminar hosted by Dr David Molapo, September 2022

Leading Effectively in The Digital Era and Post-Covid-19– seminar

When: September 14-16, 2022
Where: Houghton Hotel, Johannesburg and online
Host: Dr David Molapo
Speakers: SeeI CAN 4 IR  

Leadership maven and entrepreneur, Dr David Molapo is hosting an epic scale seminar, Leading Effectively in The Digital Era and Post-Covid-19, in Johannesburg, from September 14-16, 2022. Two hundred delegates will be attending the seminar (in-person) i. Aspects of the seminar will also be available to 3000 online delegates, from 60 countries. Dr Molapo is the founder of the I Can Leadership Institute Africa and CEO of I CAN 4IR and the seminar is being presented by I CAN 4IR.

Hybrid seminar – in-person and online

How will the seminar run this in terms of the interaction between the delegates who are there in-person and the online delegates? 

Dr David Molapo: “The 200 in-person delegates will enjoy the ‘live sessions’ that will be informative, interactive and highly inspirational. The sessions will have plenary and breakaway rooms to foster robust dialogue. The 3 000 on-line delegates from over 60 countries will experience ONLY the ‘live sessions’ and not the breakaway dialogues. Access will be granted to them via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook. The online delegates will be given a QR code and also a web – app for any questions and comments. This is in line with the 4IR approach.”

Talking, sharing ideas and building new relationships

The hybrid format is invaluable for those not able to be there physically, but first prize is to be present in Johannesburg?

Dr David Molapo:There is nothing like getting together with people face to face. It is worth it to see people talking, sharing ideas and building new relationships. By finding an opportunity to interact with the right demographic of people — both current customers and prospective buyers — brands can develop positive brand attitudes and long-lasting relationships. The opportunity to be with people who get who we are and what drives us is priceless. This ‘live event’ is a very powerful experience for individuals and for the community. Humans are social. We need to talk, share stories and learn from each other. Whilst Dr Google is good ….the “live, in person” community sessions are the best.”

Digital entrepreneurship in Africa

You are passionate about Africa and despite our issues, the huge potential for growth. Digital allows us to connect with people, across continents, like we never did before and the pandemic definitely changed peoples’ thinking. No one can afford not to have a digital presence and footprint. Can you talk about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how your seminar will provide opportunities for knowledge, growth and connections?

Dr David Molapo: The education system is failing our youth. We are educating our young people to be unemployed. The spread of digital technologies can empower the youth and entrepreneurs with access to information, job opportunities and services that will improve their standards of living.

Digital entrepreneurship platforms have created opportunities for young people. Digitalisation does not require young people to have years’ worth of expensive education. Micro-courses can get them where they need to be in their entrepreneurial journey which is the key to their future. Digitalisation gives the next generation of leaders an advantage because they are innately tech-savvy and they understand the digital world better. They are aware that their future is in utilizing digital solutions for employment and running their own businesses.

It is vital to encourage organisations to upskill, reskill and cross skill their employees. Due to new technologies that are deployed and changing demands we coach and mentor organizations to become more supportive of employees. We also provide practical solutions and share advantages thereof e.g. increased productivity, efficiency and quality in processes, greater safety for workers, enhanced decision making with data-based tools and improved competitiveness. We walk with them through the Change Management Journey so that they can end up with a ‘Happy Engaged Workforce’.

The vital key to creating a successful start-up in the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4IR] era is about being willing and able to recognise, embrace and utilize technological advantage as a key part of their business model from the ground up. On-line and tech presence continues to become a core business model. Modern consumers are moving into that 4IR space. Entrepreneurs who want to improve their start-ups, become bolder and smarter must also invest in the professional advice of a consulting company. They must immerse themselves in the world of technology.  At the end of day, the 4IR is simply using data to solve business and social change

Work-life balance

You have been a public figure for a long time. You became a finalist for the Junior Chamber International Award of Ten Outstanding Young People of the World in August 1994 and have appeared on Who’s Who in South Africa since 1995. That is an amazing track record but I am sure it’s not easy being in the public eye all the time, with no privacy. How do you relax and decompress and do you ever switch off your electronic devices and go off the grid?

Dr David Molapo: “I am a strong believer in striving for a work-life balance. All leaders must ensure that the four quadrants get their fair share: Work Time, Social Time, Personal Time and Family Time.”

Balance: Dr David Molapo is an avid believer of finding a “Work Time, Social Time, Personal Time and Family Time. Supplied.
Global seminar: Dr David Molapo is hosting, Leading Effectively in The Digital Era and Post-Covid-19- seminar, September 14-16, 2022. Two hundred delegates will be attending the seminar (in-person) in Johannesburg. Aspects of the seminar will also be available to 3000 online delegates, from 60 countries. Supplied.