Hidden Senses! With Bryan Miles – mentalism  

When: June 2023- June 9 at 7.30pm and June 10 at 4pm and 7.30pm
Where: The Drama Factory, 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, Western Cape
Age restriction: Please note that this show is not suitable for children under 12  
Tickets: R170 from The Drama Factory’s website or WhatsApp or call 073 215 2290

Discounts: Buy three or more tickets and it will cost you R150 per ticket- when booked online

Bookings: www.thedramafactory.co.za/show/bryan23      

More information: www.bryanmiles.com  
YouTube:  Bryan Miles YouTube Channel  

South African mentalist, Bryan Miles has had the prestigious honour of being invited to perform at The Magic Castle in Hollywood – on multiple occasions.  Performing there is a big deal. Not many South Africans have performed at the Magic Castle which is a private club house and is the home for the Academy of Magical Arts in the USA. Invited guests can dine and watch magic shows- in a mansion – châteauesque residence- built in 1909. Bryan Miles is in demand on the global cruise ship and corporate circuit. He does private magic events which are closed/invite only – such as at the Magic Castle. It is great to see him going back on stage, in his home town, Cape Town, with his new show, Hidden Senses. The Hidden Senses tour starts off June 2023 at the Drama Factory. Read on for more about the mentalist’s passion for “exploring the cracks in our reality”.

TheCapeRobyn: Tell us about the “hidden senses”? The big five of the senses are “touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste”. In Hidden Senses, are you tapping into other senses like “intuition” and will people feel that they have been able to harness their hidden senses, after seeing the show?

Bryan Miles: The show is about what is possible when we combine the five known senses to create the illusion of a 6th sense. We can also remove one of the senses to heighten the others. In my show, Hidden Senses, I explore the possibilities of these concepts as well as ask the question: Where do you draw the line between intuition and psychic ability – or are they the same thing? The audience will leave the show questioning their own minds potential, for sure.

TheCapeRobyn: Does the show, Hidden Senses, shift according to the audience? Can you always read the people that go up? What happens if you can’t?

Bryan Miles: Every show is truly unique when working with the human equation – that is one of the reasons I love what I do. Absolutely, not everyone responds in the same manner and things often don’t work, but that is the beauty of it – it’s not a science per se- but a skill set – crafted into an entertaining art form.

TheCapeRobyn: Talking of craft, can you tell us how you scored entrée to The Magic Castle in Hollywood- considered by many to be the pinnacle of magic craft and performance?

Bryan Miles: Yes, I have been repeatedly invited to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I visited many times over the years and after they saw my videos online they offered a contract for me to perform. I have been performing there since 2016 – most recently -during the pandemic. I performed in their global virtual show – online- which was open to the public and we had a great international audience during lockdown. I hope to return very soon.

TheCapeRobyn: Is it mentalism what you do – rather than magic/illusion? You say: “I don’t read minds, I read people.”  So, there is no illusion involved -or is there? Did you start off as a “magician” and then shift to “mentalism”.

Bryan Miles: As a child I was always obsessed with taking my toys apart and wanting to know how they work, but also why they work. It was early on that I discovered how easily our minds can be deceived. I studied and read everything I could on magic, hypnosis and psychology. I love the art of the magician, but gravitated towards the magic of the mind. People can label me whatever they want, as I borrow skills from several different practices. Perception manipulation is always in play and I love exploring the cracks in our reality.

TheCapeRobyn: Do you come from a magically inclined family?

Bryan Miles: There is no family history of anything magic related. My journey started after watching the Israeli mentalist, Uri Geller, on television. I then saw a hypnotist’s show – and was instantly hooked.

TheCapeRobyn: Where did you study illusion, mentalism or was it self -taught? Do you have a degree in psychology?

Bryan Miles: The vast majority of what I do I learnt from reading, every piece of literature on the subject, however, I did graduate from the College of Magic in Claremont, Cape Town. I do not have a degree in psychology but I did train with a hypnotist.

TheCapeRobyn: You have often been compared as the South African Derren Brown – and you have done a TV series in SA. Any plans for another series?

Bryan Miles:  That is a very gracious comparison. I am very proud of my 13 part TV series (One Day with Bryan Miles, which aired in 2016) and have several projects in the pipeline – keep your eyes open, but more importantly, keep your mind open.

TheCapeRobyn: Let’s go back Hidden Senses 2023: Is this a new show and are there plans to tour the show after the Drama Factory?

Bryan Miles: This is a mind-bending new show for Capetonians which was written during the pandemic. I hope to bring the show to other parts of South Africa very soon. I have a number of private international engagements scheduled and I’m excited to be bringing my routines across the globe.

TheCapeRobyn: In pandemic times when you were busy doing interactive shows around the globe, via Zoom, with international colleagues. It must be great to be back on stage, with a live audience?

Bryan Miles: It is fantastic to be back on stage. The live intimate interactions and energy of the audience are what makes the show and I encourage people to get back out there and support live theatre again.

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