Berry (aka Berenike Trytsman) Heritage Month 2023 concert

Venue: The Wave Theatre Cafe, 44 Long Street, Cape Town
Ticket prices: R180
Date: Saturday 9 September 2023
Time: 8pm

To book tickets, contact: Lloyd: 078 949 0773 or e-mail

In 2021, Cape Town’s Berry (aka Berenike Trytsman) won Idols SA. A delighted Berry won over the judges and public with her beautiful voice, enthusiasm and bubbly personality. The Idols win was the culmination of over a decade of hard work, to break into the music industry. Berry entered Idols Season 6 in 2010, when she was 20. The cut-off age requirement for Idols is 30 and in the nick of time, she entered in 2021, shortly before turning the big 30 and won the title. Berry’s newly released single, Never Say Die, (August 2023) is emblematic of her determination and resilience and her commitment to her singing and writing music.  The vivacious singer (now 33, August 2023) combines her flourishing career, with being a mom of four. Her husband Renier Trytsman, is a drummer, producer and founder of Music Blimp Productions and is her manager. Berry enthralls thousands of followers on her social media platforms (check out her Instagram page- link follows) as she seamlessly blends family and career – doing loads of washing, cooking and then getting glammed up for film shoots.  Berry will be in concert at The Wave, in Cape Town, on September 9, 2023, with what she tags as the “Berry band”. The Heritage month concert is a celebration of her single, Never Say Die, the city of Cape Town and the people who have supported her on her journey. The Wave is a small venue (180 seats) and provides an intimate setting to experience the Berry magic, on stage, accompanied by her band:

TCR: Can you tell us about your concert on September 9, 2023, at The Wave and what the audience can expect?

Berry: My show at The Wave is just a small taste of where I am going with my brand. I am excited to showcase my love for music with my band and entertain the crowd with soulful rock music and some of my favourite hits through my singing career. I intend to make thisnot just a show but a performance, completely immersing myself in the music and stage. The show will be a combination of covers as well as some original music. I will be showcasing my love for rock/pop music and changing things up a little. I will have my Berry band on stage with me, they are incredible musicians and the drummer is my husband and producer, Renier.

TCR: Who is in the Berry band?

Berry: Renier (Trytsman) is on drums. Ewin De Villiers is on bass. Juan Smit is on acoustic guitar and backing box. Eddy Strings – our lead guitar – unfortunately cannot make this event. Gavin Maralack will join us, on keys.

TCR: Can you tell us about your new single, Never Say Die, which will be featured in the show?

Berry: My new single Never Say Die, is a true reflection of the music I love and emotions I have gone through. It has a personal meaning to myself and my husband since it is based on the four months that I was away, performing in Idols. I feel that the Never Say Die mantra can apply to anyone going through a hard time.

TCR: Winning Idols SA 2021 was crowning moment for you? You entered Idols SA when you were 20 – season 6 (2010). You went through to the top 30.  Then in 2021, you entered again and won and here you are with the fabulously titled, Never Say Die.

Berry: I have been singing since the age of six and singing professionally since the age of 12. I have had my fair share of disappointments, and I have worked very hard to get to where I am today. I am a firm believer in making sure you do not regret a decision you have made, and that’s why I entered Idols one last time. I did not want a “what if” lingering. Never Say Die is a theme in my life – it will continue to be what pushes me to keep on keeping on.

TCR:  The cut-off age for Idols SA is thirty so you squeezed in just in time? And you did that with mothering young children. How many kids do you have and how do you make it seem so seamless – family and career?

Berry: I entered Idols at the age of 30 and before the top 16 live rounds started- I had turned 31- so it was a close one. I was previously married and have a son. My husband was previously married and has two sons. When we got married we had a little girl. So together, we have four beautiful kids. We have been in each other’s lives for eight years now, we are a big happy blended family. It might seem seamless when I juggle family life and show business, but it is hard. Every prayer I say is to help me get through each day and to try and make sure I do not let anyone down. Some days are harder than others, but I am not one to back down from a challenge.

TCR: Can you tell us about your musically inclined family? Your parents were opera singers and instilled a love of singing for you, from an early age? How old were you when you started singing?

Berry: Yes, my parents were both opera singers. My mom is Rialette Reyniers and my late dad -Bernie Segal. My dad was also the principal of Camps Bay Primary School and he wrote and composed the musicals there. I started featuring in operas and musicals from the age of six and along with my older brother and sister we enjoyed every minute of having a musical family.

TCR:  Did you study music after school or go straight into the music industry?

Berry: I have been around – lol. I left school after grade 10 and went to study hospitality for a year because I love cooking. I also studied at The Waterfront Theatre School for a year. But when my dad passed away, I needed to work and to earn some money. So I studied to become a vocal coach and started teaching, when I was 17. My singing is not only self-taught, my mom helped me a lot. I also went to several singing schools, to gain access to competitions. My goal was to win every competition I could, and for the most part I did.

TCR: What comes next for you – an album?

Berry: I would love to release an album next, I also want to perform at as many festivals and shows as I can fit into a week/month. If I could sing every day I would be in a happy bubble. Performing on stage with my husband as my drummer, is honestly a dream.

Winner: A photo from Idols SA 2021- with Berry (aka Berenike Trytsman)- who won the title. Supplied.

Heritage Month concert: Berry (aka Berenike Trytsman) will be in concert at The Wave Theatre, Cape Town, on September 9, 2023. She will be accompanied by her Berry Band.
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✳Featured image of Berry (aka Berenike Trytsman)- supplied. Photo by AMP Photography