Interview: Sophia Foster talks about -Fostering Foundation Artist Presents Sista’s Tribute to Aretha Franklin, RESPECT, Featuring Sophia Foster

Date: Sunday September 13, at 3pm. Recording of show available until September 15, 3pm, via Quicket

Duration: One hour

Tickets: R75

Booking: Quicket

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In celebration of Women’s Month, legendary Cape Town singer, Sophia Foster is staging a tribute concert to soul queen Aretha Franklin. Foster will be accompanied on stage by ten young women who have been mentored through the Fostering Foundation. This non-profit organisation was set up by Foster in 2017 to nurture and upskill young musicians. During the pandemic and the lockdown, live performance was put on pause. With the move to level 2 lockdown, Foster is excited to be performing again and is thrilled to be sharing the stage with artists who have come through the ranks of her foundation. Aretha Franklin’s songbook and life influenced Sophia Foster- musically, personally and politically. This concert is her homage to the queen of soul. The show will be streamed live from Penny Lane Studios in Cape Town, with a small audience in attendance (strictly according to Covid regulations), which will give gees to this concert. It is a big show- with eleven  artists on stage. The show has been choreographed by Athlone born Telisha Daniels Barber- another South African icon. She began her career, performing inSun City extravaganzas and went on to star as lead dancer at the Moulin Rouge – in Paris – yes- Paris as in France. We have amazing talent in Cape Town and for this homage to Aretha Franklin, Sophia Foster is gathering in sassy sistas to make this a BIG concert with vooma.

TheCapeRobyn: This is your first lockdown live stream concert which is exciting and in addition to the live stream going out on Quicket, there will be a small audience in studio- very exciting?

Sophia Foster: Yes it is. We are allowed 20 people as an audience and this will help tremendously and will take away that dead silence after every song.

TheCapeRobyn: This concert is being staged during Women’s Month and here you are with a tribute concert to the iconic Aretha Franklin, performing with women you have mentored. They must have been thrilled to be part of this concert?

Sophia Foster: It is such an honour to mentor young talent and witness their growth. The tribute to Aretha is a daunting task for these young adults as Aretha’s music breaks into the experience of life, but never less exciting and having a platform for them to show-case what they have learnt. Yes, they are very excited and looking forward to the challenge. The show is full of energy , choreographed numbers and the ladies are dressed to kill.

TheCapeRobyn: Aretha Franklin was a huge inspiration for you as an artist?

Sophia Foster: My career started out in the 60s at the height of apartheid, so any music that expressed what was happening around you, became like your mantra; you believed there would be a change, you knew you wanted respect and your emotions were all over the place. I heard these songs when I moved to Johannesburg as a very young woman and sang these songs at a club called the Pelican, fondly nicknamed Lucky’s Club which was the owner’s name. I sang there every Sunday night to a packed audience and stood on the table performing in my hot pants, boots and afro wig. The song rocked the house as everyone would join in the chorus…R.E.S.P.E.C.T. What I didn’t know at the time was that the song Respect was written by Otis Redding who gifted the song to Aretha claiming that she was the messenger to take it to the people.

TheCapeRobyn: Mentoring is something that you have not only talked about but have put into practice, through The Fostering Foundation. How has it been operating during lockdown?

Sophia Foster: Mentoring I believe has always been the one thing that gives me purpose and establishing a foundation was the best thing I could ever do. As with every NPO it is difficult to raise money to keep the momentum, so I converted my garage into a studio and watched how every seed I planted just blossomed. So, everyone can’t wait for this show to start and rehearsals are in full swing.

TheCapeRobyn: Is it possible for people to book this show and other shows and artists through your foundation?

Sophia Foster: Yes, people can book this show. They experienced their first corporate function before lockdown which was a great success. To book call us on 0829208771 / 0620927816 or mail:

TheCapeRobyn: What is next for Sophia Foster and The Fostering Foundation?

Sophia Foster: What is next for my foundation – is to keep the flame burning and keep on creating opportunities.

Fostering Foundation Artist Presents Sista’s Tribute to Aretha Franklin, RESPECT, Featuring Sophia Foster

Date: Sunday September 13, at 3pm

Duration: One hour

Recording: The show will be available until September 15 at 3pm, as video-on-demand. Tickets may be purchased up to this time

Tickets: R75


Performers: Featuring Sophia Foster – with – Dominique Domingo (band leader, piano), Tiana Amari (bass), Andrea Davids (drums), Kara Snethlage (guitar), Shannon Botman (sax), Celeste Florence (vocals), Amy- Jane Levens (vocals), Yolanda Mayman (vocals), Fifi-Refuwe Mncayi (vocals) and Abigail Bagley (vocals).  

Choreographer: Telisha Daniels Barber

Producer: Sophia Foster, The Fostering Foundation

Proceeds. Ticket sales from this concert will go to The Salvation Army and The Fostering Foundation

Donate:  To donate to The Fostering Foundation- Banking details – account Name Fostering Foundation; Bank Nedbank;  Account Number 1156354048;  Branch Number: 19262100

Instagram: @the_fostering_foundation and @Sophia.foster.56

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