Interview: Steven Lee Lewis (SA X- Factor winner) talks about the live stream show, The People’s Playlist which he is headlining, along with Nadine Sisam (alum of The Voice SA)

✅ Date of live stream show: Friday September 4, 2020 at 6pm

✅ Featuring: Steven Lee Lewis (SA X- Factor winner), Nadine Sisam (The Voice SA alum) 

✅ Musicians: To be announced

✅ Musical director: Michael Wilson-Trollip

✅ Duration: 1 hour

✅ Available to watch online: Sunday September 4 – live stream- and for 72 hours thereafter as video-on-demand

✅ Direct booking link:

 ✅ Tickets: R60

SA X- Factor winner, Steven Lee Lewis and Nadine Sisam (alum of The Voice SA) are venturing onto the digital stage with their first lockdown concert, The People’s Playlist. The show was scheduled for August 15 but the dynamic pair decided to postpone to September 4 in order to expand the cast. The duo are bringing in a “special group of dancers they’ve both grown to love and respect from previous gigs and events”. By streaming the show live from Penny Lane Studios in Cape Town, a professional studio, Lewis and Sisam are able to bring production values of experience to their show– lighting, design and sound. The concept is very cool. They put out a call on social media and on WhatsApp and asked for requests –songs that people want to hear. This concert is literally The People’s Playlist.

TheCapeRobyn: This show has been delayed because you wanted to bring in other artists?

Steven Lee Lewis: Once it became clear that the WeDfy [pronounced we defy] entertainment dancers were available and keen to join us, we pushed the date back to squeeze in a bit more rehearsal time with them.

TheCapeRobyn: The title is The People’s Playlist, so I take it that you will be performing numbers which are favourites – the playlist of the people?

Steven Lee Lewis: We wanted to give people the opportunity to choose songs that they love and want to see and hear. We put it out on social media and on WhatsApp and asked for requests, so it is basically their playlist- literally The People’s Playlist. The playlist consists of old and new songs for everyone to enjoy. 

TheCapeRobyn: You and Nadine are the headliners. Can you talk about how this show came about? 

Steven Lee Lewis: Nadine and I go way back and there was always an idea of doing a show some day. After lockdown happened, Nadine gave me a call and said –‘let’s make it happen’. So that’s exactly what we did.

TheCapeRobyn: Is this your first lockdown digital gig or have you been involved with other events?

Steven Lee Lewis: This would be the first professional online gig during lockdown for both of us, so naturally we are both very excited about this one.

TheCapeRobyn: I believe that there will be “an interesting twist.” Any info that you can give or is it a surprise?

Steven Lee Lewis:  The “twist“ mentioned in The People’s Playlist listing on Quicket refers to the fact that we relied on the public to dictate  our set.  As for the show itself, I think we will keep it a secret for now, so the only way you can find out is to buy a ticket haha! What I can say is this show is going to be lots of fun and really entertaining.

TheCapeRobyn: Great that you working with Aki Kahn and Penny Lane Studios/Eastern Acoustics  as they have such great production values. 

Steven Lee Lewis:  Yes of course they have been doing great work in the industry before lockdown but now they have created opportunity’s during this crazy time for the arts industry which is amazing. 

TheCapeRobyn: Will there be a small audience in studio, watching?

Steven Lee Lewis:  We were thinking of having a small audience … so let’s see …. 

TheCapeRobyn: Here you are – Steven Lee Lewis -SA X- Factor Winner, former member of FOUR – and its five months of lockdown – with the industry shut down in terms of live events. Have you been writing new material in lockdown? Plans to release an album? 

Steven Lee Lewis:  I have been writing and working on a lot of new material so I have really been preparing for when things go back to normal. Definitely releasing new music yes . Album or EP I’m looking at dropping next year . Excited for people to hear what I have to offer. Nadine is also set to release original music for the first time ever this year.

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