Lockdown Legends concert– June 28 to July 3, 2020

Tickets: R100

Direct booking link: www.covid-zero.co.za/lockdownlegends or paypal.me/lockdownlegends

*Details regarding streaming and programme, below, scroll down

With theatre and concert venues boarded up during Covid-19, artists in the music industry have had at best, a trickle of income, through royalties. We have seen incredible grit, innovation and spirit with artists performing on virtual platforms- on a solo basis and in collaboration with colleagues. Music entrepreneurs Jarrod Aston and Glenda Sixel decided to go big with an epic lockdown concert – Lockdown Legends -featuring over 35 legendary South African artists, from the 1960s to now- 2020 – lockdown in Covid-19.

Lockdown Legends will live stream from June 28 to July 3. Aston and Sixel are legends in the industry. Aston has been involved with bands such as Cinema and Face to Face. Remember Cinema’s huge hot, My kind of girl? Yeah, THAT song. Sixel (formerly Glenda Hyam) was founding member of the girl band, Clout, which subsequently included male musicians. Remember Clout’s Substitute? Yeah, THAT song. Both songs will be featured in the concert – with Aston and Sixel in the frame.

Aston and Sixel have combined forces with film director Di Rosen to put the Lockdown Legends concert together. With over 35 artists on the bill, it is a mammoth gig. A brief was sent out to artists, recording were made in home studios – according to the specs. Bands had to use click tracks so that they could record in synch. Imagine co-ordinating the submissions from 35 people, dotted around the country.

Rosen and has been assembling that footage and is directing the show. Verny Scholtz has edited the footage. Rosin is a perfectionist and considerable work has gone into vetting footage and getting up to concert production standards – sound, lighting. Obviously, there are the constraints of footage which has been produced, in lockdown but that makes the project interesting – getting a sense of the story of each musical legend, getting geared up for the concert. Rosen: “Verny Scholtz has been very much on the edit of the particular songs and then I approve or make changes and I will work together with Emma Watkin on the compilation of the entire show. This has all been done successfully virtually. My role is overall director to deliver a professional project as best as possible with what we have.” The songs will be linked by introductions from luminaries like Shadow Twala and Sean Brokensha.

The ticket platform is Ticketpro, via its Covid-19 platform – which is enabled to handle mass viewings at one time. The proceeds from ticket sales will be split between the artists, production, creative and technical crew.

Lockdown Legends concert– June 28 to July 3, 2020

Lockdown Legends Show streaming date:  The live stream goes out from 8.15pm June 28 to July 5, 2020

Link details: Streaming begins 8.15pm on June 28 and is available until midnight July 5

Tickets: R100

Direct booking link: www.covid-zero.co.za/lockdownlegends or paypal.me/lockdownlegends

Duration of show: Two and a half hours

Line-up: About 35 artists and presenter/DJs

Programme details: See www.covid-zero or co.za/lockdownlegends or www.facebook.com/lockdownlegendsZA

How it works: After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an e-mail with a URL link, which grants access to the show.

Access: Purchase your ticket and watch anytime between 8.30pm June 28 to July 5 midnight.

Devices: Link will work on Windows/Apple/Android and other devices

Internet speed advisory: If you have high speed internet, you should be fine. If necessary, use your smart phone as a hot spot and connect from there. It is the viewer’s responsibility to check on internet. Check your bandwidth. Please note that this concert stream goes out on June 28. Even if you have uncapped internet, you may find that your internet gets “throttled” in last few days of a month. If that is the situation, link up through data onto your TV, watch on phone or device with mobile data or wait until July 1, when the new month starts and you can watch without “buffering” issues.

Number of tickets on offer: Unlimited

Customer service. For support contact info@covid-zero.co.za or call/what’s app 060 716 6959

Programme includes:


● 1964 – Dickie Loader

● 1967 – The Dream Merchants- Bobby Low and Billy Forest

● 1967 – Four Jacks & A Jill– Glynis Harding and Clive Harding

● 1968 – The Staccatos


● 1971- Brian Mulder of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

● 1971 – Mick Matthews of The Hedgehoppers

● 1977 – Bernie Millar

● 1978- Andre De Villiers

● 1978 – Clout


● 1980 – Ballyhoo-

● 1981 – Peach

● 1981 – Neil Solomon-

● 1983 – Pierre De Charmoy

● 1984 – The Working Girls

● 1984 – Face to Face-

● 1984 – Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse

● 1985 – PJ Powers & Hotline

● 1985 – Robin Auld

● 1985 – Tim Parr of EllaMental- Cape Town

● 1985 – Heather Mac of Ella Mental

● 1985 – Sheldon Thomas & Craig Else of Petit Cheval

● 1986 – Stewart Irving-

● 1988 – Cinema

● 1989 – Wendy Oldfield

● Lars Lofstrand of Celtic Rumours-

1990s & 2000s

● 1994 – Dr Victor

● 1995 – Kreesan

● 1998 – David Beretta Owens of Lithium

● 1999 – John Ellis from Tree 63

● 2006 – Craig Hinds of Watershed

● 2008 – Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle

● 2018 – Ard Matthews of Just Jinjer

● 2002 – Mark Beling formerly of Mean Mr Mustard

● 2020 – Bobo from Denim with new act BNL

● 2020 – Terence Reis of The Dire Straits Experience

● Danny K appearance- singing – a tribute

● Vicky Sampson appearance

Tributes to lost legends performed by

● 1983 – Lloyd Cele pays tribute to Brenda Fassie- Weekend Special

● 1978 – The Benjafields: RJ Benjamin and Chantal Stanfield pay tribute to Zayn

Adam and Pacific Express

● Up and coming artist – Steve Umculo pays tribute to Hugh Masekela – Send Me,

Mbombela, Bring Him Back Home, Sarafina

Presenters -SA legendary DJs

● Sean Brokensha

● Shado Twala

● Darren Scott

● Dave Guselli

● Kevin Savage

● Tony Blewitt

● David Gresham

● Peter Wise

● Benjy Mudie

Image: Supplied