Date of live stream show: Sunday August 9 at 7pm

Duration: 35 minutes

Featuring: Renate Riedemann (electric violin), Zami Mdingi (vocals), Judy Brown (sax) and Carol Thorns (electric cello).

Tickets: R70

Direct booking link:  

*The show link will be available for a week after live stream ends at 7.35pm on August 9. People who have bought a ticket can watch live and/or any time in the week after the live stream. Tickets will be for sale for the entire period August 9-14, 2020.

Join Coda Africa on Sunday August 9, for a live streamed performance, from Solid Group Studios. There will be a comments bar which provides a sense of fun for the audience.

Coda Africa is an innovative electric string band (violin and cello, mashed with House DJ, African Vocalist and Rock Sax). The group is known for its style and interaction with the audience. The musicians don’t just put on a concert. They create an experience. Their live performances are an intersection of theatre and music. For example, at events they interact with the audience. Obviously during lockdown, gigs have not been possible. Coda Africa is popular on the corporate event and wedding circuit. No weddings. No events. But, the show goes on and Coda Africa’s Carol Thorns (SAMA nominated muso, by the way) is an innovator of note and when it is possible to do gigs, they have cool ideas. Read on.

The show on Sunday August 9, will open with clip of one of Coda Africa’s performances in “The Bubble” and is licensed  to Red Cello Productions – the creative company operated by Thorns.  This staging concept, places a musician in a bubble. The bubble is ideal for social distancing times. Imagine if each audience member could watch in a bubble.  Thorns describes it as “the perfect marriage of music, architecture and light.” She adds: “The bubble provides an exclusive Red Cello Productions act that creates a huge impression at events.” In Covid times, that takes on a different resonance. Thorns says: “The Bubble is available as a pre-recorded performance for digital events.  It is a COVID-19 ‘friendly’ act. I am entirely separated from the audience.”



Instagram: @that_girl_in_the_bubble