On March 2, 2020, I attended the Cape Town premiere of Moffie, directed by Oliver Hermanus, at the Fugard Theatre. This superb film was about to go on national release. Suddenly the Covid-19 pandemic hit us and then came the closure of theatres and cinemas, followed by the national lockdown.

TheCapeRobyn gave this achingly beautiful film, five stars. Read the review on this site.

The good news is that Moffie is now available for live streaming via this link:


Film streaming advisory/terms and conditions: Moffie

  • Tickets: R150 per viewing
  • Valid to use: You may make use of the link for 24 hours from the time of purchasing. The film may only be watched once from start to finish. You may press pause at any time during the 24-hour period.
  • Do not close the tab: Be advised that if you navigate away from the current viewing tab, your session will be lost.  This will occur if you close the tab or browser, refresh the page or restart your computer.
  • Load shedding: Check the schedule, before you begin the session. If load shedding kicks in and you do not have a generator or other power source, your viewing session is bound to be interrupted. If that happens, the session will be broken and you will have to purchase another ticket. Eskom has indicated “that the probability of power outages during the lockdown is low.”
  • Streaming requirements: To stream the film “a minimum line speed of 8MBps is recommended, though a faster line speed of 10MBps is preferred. If your line speed is slower than 8MBps, the film will keep buffering, and you’ll have a stop-start viewing experience.”

 Image credit: Carol-Anne Lipshitz