Greg Gelb presents: Together- an online magic experience

Cape Town magician, Greg Gelb is presenting his first lockdown magic show on June 8, 2020. Gelb has been testing Zoom as a platform for stage illusions on friends, family and other subjects. Working off that focus group, he is releasing 100 tickets for purchase for Together. The soft run has provided him with vital insights into the logistics of presenting magic on the internet–rather than in a brick and mortar theatre/space. Gelb’s Zoom account accommodates 100 viewers and that is how many tickets are available for Together. It makes for an intimate gathering for a magic Monday evening. No pressure – but when the Zoom magic meeting is full, then it is full, so do book.

Event details: Greg Gelb, Together, lockdown magic show

Show streaming date: June 8, 2020

Time: 7.30-8.30pm (CAT – Central African Time)

Tickets: R100


*Detailed info regarding streaming this show, follows the Greg Gelb lockdown interview

Greg Gelb lockdown interview

TheCapeRobyn: This is your first ticketed lockdown magic show but you have been working on the concept for a while?

Greg Gelb: I have done a few shows for my family and friends to test the waters; to see how the sound and lighting works and what tricks will work. Not all tricks are suitable for camera. My most recent performance was on Tuesday May 12, for a few fitness studios and instructors who offered free/donation-based classes during the beginning of lockdown. It was my way of showing gratitude for their services. It was a huge success. Now, I am bringing my new show Together, to the public.

TheCapeRobyn: Do you envisage a series of shows on Zoom?

Greg Gelb: For now this is just a one time show, however if it is well received, I will most certainly be doing a run of shows. Please sign up to my newsletter (, follow me on Instagram (@greggelb_magician) and stick to TheCapeRobyn as more info will be shared there.

TheCapeRobyn: This show will go out live. The audience is virtual. The only connection is through the comments bar. Will you be interacting with the comments bar? Will you, for example, take requests from the audience to do certain illusions?

Greg Gelb:  I will have an administrator with me to field all the comments and share them with me in live-time. Unfortunately, the only requests I will be taking is an encore. Before the show begins, I explain to the audience how we will interact, which makes the show even more enjoyable.

TheCapeRobyn: In many respects, online is a great medium for magic as you can show us close ups for example of cards. Do you have a camera operator?

Greg Gelb: This is one of the more enjoyable features of a lockdown show. The first part of my show takes place close-up. I do not have a camera operator, but that will not stop me from giving the audience a view up close of the magic, as if it were happening right under their noses.

TheCapeRobyn: Reflections on doing Zoom gigs- different to what you are used to in front of a live audience?

Greg Gelb: Yes, it takes some adjusting. The big difference for me is that I am used to having the audience feed me their energy when they are in the theatre. I then use that energy to fuel my own to give the best show I can give – kind of like a rock concert.

Now, online, the way how I use the audience’s energy is through the interactions when I can see the audience’s camera – we call it windows-  and I can see them reacting to the magic. Also having my administrator (my wife) tells me what people are commenting in the chat bar gives me incredible energy to just let go and have some fun.

An entertainer’s worst nightmare is that their audience is not enjoying their material. When there is no interaction and we can’t see the faces or hear the gasps, then we become insecure and that is where being able to see the windows and have someone manning the comments really does help.

TheCapeRobyn: Your reflections on being in lockdown with your family in Cape Town?

Greg Gelb: I am blessed to have a partner here with me, so I am never alone in my home. But Robyn, it’s hard. I have a father who is suffering with dementia and the lockdown really has knocked him and the family in ways I can’t explain on paper. This, for me has been the biggest challenge and the hardest battle. The emotional heartache is huge and that is amplified when I can’t just pop over and visit.

TheCapeRobyn: Projects that you have been involved with during lockdown? Corporate virtual events and parties?

Greg Gelb: It’s great to still be able to entertain during this insecure time. I am always looking to do more virtual events, and hopefully this show and future shows will show the world that Greg Gelb is here and ready to knock your socks off!

TheCapeRobyn: Are you doing magic birthday parties by Zoom?

Greg Gelb:  Kiddies parties are fun! I am a family entertainer, meaning I design shows for adults, but they are suitable for the whole family to enjoy. I do have a kiddies show for anyone who wants, but adult and family shows are where I am best utilised. For a tailored quote please email me at

TheCapeRobyn: No one knows when mainstream theatre venues will open in SA. The small venues that you performed at, may not re-open. Your thoughts on alternative venues – performing for people in your lounge, for example?

Greg Gelb One thing that Covid 19 has taught me is that we need to adapt. I don’t think people in general like “change”, but I believe through “change” we grow. I love going to someone’s home and entertaining them. It’s such a different vibe than being in a theatre or in an office space. It’s more personal. The new “theatres” will certainly pose a challenge for entertainers to adapt but I have no doubt the love to entertain will overcome those challenges and before you know it, the entertainment industry will be thriving like never before.

* Direct booking link for Together with Greg Gelb:

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Live stream ticket details: Greg Gelb, Together lockdown magic show

Show streaming date: Monday June 8, 2020

✅ Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Tickets: R100

Direct booking link:

Direct booking link- international: Viewers out of South Africa– click the same link and you will be directed to a gateway to purchase a ticket. Please note the time of the show is CAT [Central African Time. CAT is GMT+2].

Duration of show: One hour

Line-up:  Greg Gelb

Link details: Link goes live at June 8 at 7.20pm and is up for duration of the show

How it works: After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an e-mail with a link to a Zoom meeting, which grants access to the show

Access: Purchase your ticket and watch from 7.30-8.30pm on June 8, 2020. It will be streamed live, in real time. No, you cannot rewind or pause the show.

Comments bar: There will there be a comments bar so that people can interact while watching

Devices: Link will work on Windows/Apple/Android and other devices

Internet speed advisory: If you have high speed internet, you should be fine. If necessary, use your smart phone as a hot spot and connect from there. It is the viewer’s responsibility to check on internet. Check your bandwidth. If your internet crashes – it can happen – take a screen shot. You may request for the link to be sent to you so you can watch a recording of the show. Please e-mail and attach receipt and provide details of the e-mail linked to the ticket.

Number of tickets on offer: One hundred tickets are available to watch Together. This is a limited edition show.

What’s app helpline: or comment in the chat box during the show and the administrator will assist.