Mining news: QGC takes a leap into the sustainable Nickel mining sphere- partnering with African Nickel Limited (ANL)

Mining news Quinton van der Burgh of QGC has announced its partnership with African Nickel Limited (ANL)

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Quinton van der Burgh of QGC has announced its partnership with African Nickel Limited (ANL) – part of QGC’s vision to create a “sustainable future in mining”. Sustainable nickel plays an important role in the renewable energy space and in activating the “Great Green Energy Transition”. Read on for more:

OGC takes a leap into the sustainable mining sphere

QGC is proud to announce its partnership with African Nickel Limited (ANL) as a major investor with an exclusive right to acquire a majority stake in ANL. QGC has entered into this joint venture as part of the company’s ongoing bid to transform the Southern African mining sector.QGC has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading independent commodity, logistics and investment houses and has set its sights on creating a sustainable future in mining.

“Until the objective of exclusively renewable energy is realized in South Africa, we are committed to the diligent and responsible extraction and processing of our products, always having a healthy appetite for new technologies and processes aimed at reducing any adverse environmental impact and waste.” says QGC CEO Quinton van der Burgh.

With this in mind, QGC is partnering, investing and collaborating with companies in the renewable metals space to emphasize the principle of sustainability. One such company is ANL, founded in 2006 by Rudolph de Bruin and Dr. David Twist as an answer to the increased demand for Nickel.

According to ANL, all segments of the economy and especially the Great Green Energy Transition, require critical minerals such as Nickel. When handled correctly, Nickel is a sustainable natural resource, which cannot be consumed. It can be fully recycled again and again without loss of quality.

ANL presents a unique opportunity to bring four nickel projects up the value curve in a market which has significant potential due to ANL’s Nickel Sulphide resources and their association with clean energy and EV batteries, which are fundamentally supported by the projected growth in EV markets. It is expected that Nickel will remain in high demand for the foreseeable future.

ANL highlights that mixed hydroxide precipitate (MHP), an intermediate nickel product produced from nickel sulphide ore, has been gaining popularity due to a lower environmental impact than Mixed sulphate precipitate (MSP), lower Opex than Ni briquette or oxide, as it is an intermediary in the process, as well as decreasing discounts to the LME Nickel price.

ANL has a portfolio of four nickel projects in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia strategically poised to take advantage of current and future increased demand for Nickel.

ANL is currently doing bench scale test work on an ore sample from its Bon Accord project to prove the extraction of nickel using processes with reduced energy consumption and lower processing cost through efficient and eco-conscious extraction methods. An alternative nickel refining process is being considered for the Jacomyns Pan Project by the projects’ managing partner Orion. Orion holds 50% of the project and the chosen process will use chemical vapour technology that does not consume any water, has low energy consumption, produces close to zero emissions and occupies a very small surface area.

ANL has significant potential to increase its attributable resource specifically at the Kunene project which has all the makings of realising a major nickel discovery In addition to the exploration work done previously at the Kunene project, ANL will initiate a comprehensive exploration program in Q1 2023 which will be focused on increasing the resource base as well as upgrading the Kunene resource classification. Bench scale test work to determine the most efficient and eco-friendly solution for the Kunene project will be initiated by the end of Q1 2023

ANL has also progressed with its bench scale test work on the Bon Accord bulk sample and results from pre-concentration test work have exceeded expectations. Flotation test work is currently being done which will be followed up by further downstream processing test work using BIOX and POX technology. A trade off study will be done post the completion of these tests to determine the best low cost and eco-friendly mining and processing method.

Sustainable mining: Deon van der Mescht, the CEO of African Nickel (in orange shirt and hat) with staff. Supplied.
About African Nickel Limited       

~African Nickel Limited (ANL) has a Portfolio of 4 Nickel Projects in SA, Botswana and Namibia.         

~Combination of early and late stage exploration projects.

~Attributable compliant resource of 37.8 mt (SAMREC and or JORC  compliant) excluding an estimated 160 mt non-compliant inhouse resource at Kunene.

~These projects are strategically poised to take advantage of the current and future increased demand for Nickel.

~Growing demand and positive medium-to long term forecasts for the battery element basket (Ni, Cu, Co, Mn, Li).      

About Q Global Commodities

QGC has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading independent commodity, logistics and investment houses. Through equitable partnerships and acquisitions, Q Global Commodities has expanded its operations by acquiring strategic resources to supplement its current operations while developing new ones.  

The well being of our communities surrounding our mines is always of paramount importance to us, we make sure to upskill our community members and provide better infrastructure such as access to clean drinking water in their communities. Hence, compliance with applicable legislation is a top priority in all areas of QGC operations in its efforts to minimise its mine’s impact on life and the environment.      

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