Lockdown in South Africa clicked in on midnight, March 26, 2020. In that mad rush of a day, Rockie Motswiane released his new single, Gods of The Pits. Read why the rapper chose that date. It is his second single and he reckoned that it was about time for the a new release.

Once the national lockdown is over, there are plans a tour to promote the Gods of The Pits.  A music video and album are in development. For now, it’s about getting word out on radio, music streaming websites and social media. The 23 year old entrepreneurial singer [he turns 24 on May 24, 2020] has released the single, under his own record label, Seege Management which is a subsidiary of a company that he started. There is no charge to download Gods of The Pits. Motswiane is mindful of building his fanbase and also cognisant that money is tight under the current conditions of Covid-19. Link to the song, below. Have a listen and watch out for the national tour by this dynamic young rapper from Limpopo.

TheCapeRobyn: Why was Gods of The Pits released on March 26- Lockdown Day?

Rockie Motswiane: The song was a surprise release, I had just reached 10 thousand followers on my Facebook page so I decided it would be a nice gesture to put out a single of mine since I  had not released anything of my own in a while…”

TheCapeRobyn: Please tell us about the song

Rockie Motswiane: There are lines like ‘no repenting for all of my actions they are fully intended, I keep putting people in their places you’d swear I’m a flight attended.’ This was to let people know how strongly I feel about myself  and the decisions I take in life.

TheCapeRobyn: The title – reflections?

Rockie Motswiane: How I chose the title was I wanted to make it mysterious. I wanted people to not get the storyline until they get to read the lyrics.There are  lines like ‘Never showing emotions in relationships Yeah, I’m stuck between a smile and what I hid within; never had my heart broken by anything, I always hurt them first that’s some common sense.’  was really displaying a bad boy attitude.

TheCapeRobyn: No dark undertones meant by the title?

Rockie Motswiane: There’s really no profound reason behind the title. Several people seem to think the title is about darkness, but there’s actually no such. I came up with the title because I like my work to be mysterious, and spark people’s attention.

TheCapeRobyn: No charge to download the song? That is amazing

Rockie Motswiane: It’s available for downloading for free yes, meaning it can only cost you data but you don’t have to purchase it. Rushing to put a single up for purchase when you are still trying to grow your fanbase doesn’t help at all. People have to hear the music and trust you enough before they spend their money on your work. On Spotify the song could generate some profits but for now the aim is to reach people before I start charging.

TheCapeRobyn: Let us talk about your journey. You grew up in in Burgersfort, Limpopo?

Rockie Motswiane: I grew up in a small village in Burgesfort called Mabocha. I went to Nkota Secondary School. After matric I studied digital music composition and production at Boston City Campus and Business Collage in Pretoria and then later I did fire fighting and HAZMAT operations in Pretoria.

TheCapeRobyn: You work for TESG (Tubatse Edu Support Group) but the company is currently in lockdown and not operating?

Rockie Motswiane: I work as a First Aider & Incomes Generating Business Manager. The lockdown has affected the businesses [includes food and fashion divisions], in a bad way. The businesses are not operating right now. But the national lockdown has helped save lives that would have been lost had it not been implemented.

TheCapeRobyn: You are distributing and marketing your music under your own agency?

Rockie Motswiane: Yes, in 2016 I registered a company, IWB (Pty) Ltd. In 2017,  we signed it as record label, and this year we initiated Seege Management as a subsidiary under it. The idea is to help talents out there – from music, soccer, acting and modelling, basically to help people who have the talent but lack the work energy to make a living from their abilities. For now I am working on sealing a distribution deal because I am doing everything under my management agency. So I am working on a deal to help the music reach radio.

Image credit: Rockie Motswiane. Pic supplied.

Music advisory: Rockie Motswiane: Gods of The Pits

Download link: https://fakazahub.com/mp3-download/rockie-motswiane-gop-gods-of-the-pit/

How much: No charge to download- besides from your data

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