On stage: Thrilling new family theatre series, What Did the Fox Say? launches at the Drama Factory, with Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts

What Did the Fox Say? Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts
What: Part of a new stage production series inspired by Aesop’s fables Reynard the Fox
Where: The Drama Factory, 10 Comprop Sq, Henry Vos Close, Asla Business Park, Strand, Western Cape
When: January 22 and 29 and February 5, 2022. This is Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts  
Performance times: 10am and 11.30am
Performers: Anoecha Krüger and Marelize Viljoen
Director: Margot Wood  
Recommended age: 3 to 8 years  
Tickets: R50 and R40 for groups of five or more
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Enquiries: 073 215 2290  

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The Drama Factory in the Strand is launching an exciting new anthology stage production series, inspired by Aesop’s fables Reynard the Fox.  The series is being sponsored by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture and The Drama Factory. The performer/creators are Anoecha Krüger and Marelize Viljoen who have worked extensively with puppetry and direction is by Margot Wood – who is a veteran of theatre for young people. Info as supplied:

New production of classic stories to inspire young minds this summer

A brand new production inspired by classic stories is set to delight audiences of all ages this summer. What Did the Fox Say? is an exciting new anthology series stage production inspired by Aesop’s fables Reynard the Fox. What Did the Fox Say? brings new life to these timeless characters, using multiple mediums such as puppetry and song in a clever and playful way, to amuse young and old alike. What Did the Fox Say? is an initiative sponsored by the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture and The Drama Factory. 

Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts 

The first episode in the series is The Feast Of The King Of Beasts will be presented at The Drama Factory from Saturday 21 January until Saturday 5 February with performances at 10am and 11.30am.

The creators

The series is written, created and performed by Anoecha Krüger and Marelize Viljoen, who have both worked extensively with The Loft Puppet Company, specialising in puppetry, theatre making and writing stories.   Marelize has also created work for TV and festivals such as Woordfees, KKNK and the Suidooster Festival as well as the ATKV Tienertoneel. Anoecha made her professional debut in Christiaan Olwagen’s Die Huis van Bernarda Alba and has also worked with educational theatre company arepp: Theatre for Life.  For her role in Kanya Viljoen’s RAAK, she received the award for Best upcoming artistat the 2019 kykNET Fiëstas.


Direction for the production is by Margot Wood. Margot holds a Master`s degree in Children`s Theatre (US) and studied puppetry at The Puppetmongers (Canada) and through UConn school of puppetry. She has directed numerous productions for children and lectures in Educational Drama and Theatre.

The story

What Did the Fox Say?  The story: King Noble the Lion has invited all the animals to the kingdom for a feast!   No one ever sees the king so it is a big occasion for everyone and they are all expected to be there to pay their respects.  Creatures from far and wide are excitedly getting ready, preening their feathers and fluffing their tails….all except one!  Reynard the Fox has many enemies and they are all waiting to pounce on him…his crime?   Simply being a fox and, as such, too clever for his own good!  Will his cousin Grimbert the Badger be able to save him? Come and enjoy this enchanting adventure with other colourful characters such as Tibert the Cat, Bruin the Bear and Chanticleer the Rooster.  There will also be a  fun colouring-in component included in the show.

A message from The Drama Factory

“We are excited to be presenting a brand new stage interpretation of these classic stories,” says Sue Diepeveen, founder of The Drama Factory. “It’s never too early to experience the magic of live performance, so gather your children, nieces, nephews and friends for this fun, interactive theatre outing.” Established in 2017, The Drama Factory has become renowned as a prime destination for patrons to enjoy quality entertainment across a range of genres in a relaxed and welcoming environment. As well as showcasing mainstream productions, The Drama Factory offers creatives a venue to workshop performances, providing an affordable space for artists to bring their creative ideas to life.The Drama Factory is also home to Speech Focus drama school and hosts a number of training initiatives, including a theatre lighting training programme.    

Puppet play: Anoecha Krüger stars with Marelize Viljoen in What Did the Fox Say? Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts. Supplied.

Performance times:  What Did the Fox Say? Episode one: The Feast Of The King Of Beasts- January/Feburary 2022 – Drama Factory

Saturday January 22 at 10am and 11.30 am
Saturday January 29 at 0am and 11.30 am
Saturday February 5 at 10am and 11.30 am  

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