On stage: Unity On The Square – new music festival in Cape Town– December 16, 2021- Reconciliation Day – celebrating hope and unity

What: Unity On The Square – music festival

When: December 16, 2021
Where: Greenmarket Square, Cape Town CBD (Burg St & Longmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
When: Thursday December 16, 2021
Time: 1pm to 9pm
Tickets: R75-R350 via Quicket
Direct booking link: https://www.quicket.co.za/events/160097-unity-on-the-square/#/
To arrange to have a store: Contact: vendors@laproductions.co.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unityonthesquare/
Hashtag: #unityonthesquare  

The live performance industry took a massive crunch with Covid and uncertainty continues. Award winning entertainer Loukmaan Adams is producing a mega music event on December 16 – The Day of Reconciliation – bringing artists back on stage in Green Market Square- with the inaugural Unity On The Square – music festival. It is wonderful that a new musical festival is being launched during these challenging days. It is envisaged that Unity on The Square, will become an annual event in the heritage square in Cape Town’s CBD. There are various ticketing options billable – with two sections with reserved seats. Smoking is not allowed and seats will be staggered to allow for social distancing. The schedule will be made available soon, so check back on TheCapeRobyn for updates on the incredible line-up which includes Loukmaan Adams, David Kramer and other luminaries. This is the biggest music event that we have had in two years, since Rona arrived and it is a celebration of South African talent on The Day of Reconcilliation – bringing people together in an open-air setting – ideal for Rona safety compliance.  Parking is in the vicinity. There will be food trucks and a lekker vibe. Mask up, sanitise. Get there – for a jol – in the open air.

Inaugural Cape Town music festival set to deliver hope and unity for all artists and musical lovers next week

A brand new local music festival, Unity On The Square will aim to promote a sense of unity, hope, and love this holiday season, when it takes centre stage in The Mother City next week. This soon-to-be iconic music event, is set to take place at Green Market Square on Thursday 16 December 2021 (Reconciliation Day in South Africa), and will feature a stellar line-up of popular local and emerging artists performing after a two-year hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Musicians who are set to dazzle audiences on the day include Jimmy Nevis, Chad Saaiman, Craig Lucas, Jarrad Ricketts, Alistair Izobell, Nur Abrahams, Robin Pieters, Salome, Karin Kortje, RJ & Lkay, Don Vino, Paxton Fielies, Garth Taylor, Loukmaan Adams, Acoustic Element, Carl Webber, Mel Jones, Sasha-Lee Davids, Kurt Langeveldt and The Pedestrians.

Unity On The Square is powered by the City of Cape Town and The Western Cape Government. The event will also see legendary musician and producer David Kramer perform alongside all these top SA artists on the day, while Lang Arm Bands, Malay Choirs and a Marimba Band are set to also keep audiences on their feet throughout the event. Unity On The Square is the brainchild of renowned musician and entertainer, Loukmaan Adams, who promises the musical festival environment to be “a welcoming and safe environment for families”.

Adams says it is the first event under his new company, Loukmaan Adams Productions Ltd, which was formed earlier this year during the pandemic – due to the minimal events and gigs being made available to musicians.

“My colleagues and I in the entertainment industry suffered financially over the past two years and we were not able to perform on stage like we always have done over the years.  I saw an opportunity to create productions and showcases that will literally help us bring joy to our hearts but also to those of fellow music enthusiasts too. As Covid 19 has divided us all, all artists are looking forward to being united on stage after two years of enduring the life-changing pandemic. We are all excited to sing our hearts out and provide spectacular entertainment to all music lovers in The Mother City”, he says.

Adds Loukmaan: “The 16th of December holds a special place in the festivities of the residents of Bo-Kaap and it’s in line with the switching of the lights in the city. I realized that those two annual celebrations were not planned to take place this year, so I wanted to showcase a celebration where Capetonians could celebrate artists, while maintaining good health and their safety too. I also know that many artists suffered during the pandemic and Unity On The Square affords a number of artists to be on one stage together and allow the healing touch of music, to unite us during these crazy, and trying times we find ourselves in – while also spreading some festive season cheer.”

Unity On The Square will also host a number of markets and vendors throughout the day including, Halaal food trucks, local traders, a coffee bar, mobile data giveaways as well as event and artist merchandise for sale. Adams says the festival will implement strict Covid-19 protocols, to ensure music enthusiasts are enjoying the festivities while also being safe. “The safety of patrons, crew and participants remains a priority for all events hosted in Cape Town. Event organisers screen attendees, will enforce the wearing of masks, ensure physical distancing at venues and insist on attendees to sanitise their hands at all times during these events.” Loukmaan says the festival is the first of many planned events and productions he hopes to bring to life in the future.“My aim is to achieve many goals within a production space, Unity On The Square being one of them, and to eventually have artists from an international calibre joining forces with Cape Town artists and sharing one united stage every 16th December.”

David Kramer – performing on stage at Unity On The Square – Greenmarket Square, Cape Town– December 16, 2021- Reconciliation Day. Supplied.

Jimmy Nevis and Loukmaan Adams- performing at Unity On The Square – Greenmarket Square, Cape Town– December 16, 2021- Reconciliation Day. Supplied.

Loukmaan Adams is a well-known South African singer, actor and entertainer with more than 30 years industry experience. He is best known for his involvement in musical  theatre, working alongside music directors, producers and  songwriters such as Taliep Peterson and David Kramer in  their productions District Six The Musical and Kat And The  Kings. Due to Loukmaan’s many years of active involvement and experience within musical theatre, he has obtained many accolades. Loukmaan has received the Best Actor Award for his work in the musical called Kat and the Kings. Loukmaan has also received the FNB Vita Award for the Best Performer and Choreographer for the Kat and The Kings production. Loukmaan also received the Laurence Olivier Award and was nominated for the Tony Award. Loukmaan has won the Best Musical for Brother Love.   Loukmaans natural vibrant energy on stage is always something to look forward to as he has the ability to captivate any audience in any performance.      

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