Online comedy: Lottering on Lockdown, available online, as pay per view, until January 21, 2021

What: Lottering on Lockdown Featuring: Marc Lottering, accompanied by DJ Chad Chitter Platform: Quicket When: Until midnight January 21, 2021 Tickets: R75 plus R5 booking fee Bookings: Quicket Show duration: 80 minutes Age advisory: Not suitable for children- no under 13s  

I saw Marc Lottering in Lottering on Lockdown – live on Baxter stage- at the beginning of December 2020. Shortly after, with the new Covid variant and the spike in infections, the Baxter announced that it was closing all of its shows, from December 19, until further notice. That meant that Lottering was unable to complete his season, which was scheduled to end on January 9, 2021. The Baxter made the right call as the virulence of the Covid variant makes it impossible to keep patrons ‘safe’, at this time. Many people missed out on seeing the show but luckily it was filmed, live, and the recording is available as video-on-demand, pay per view, through Quicket, until midnight, Jan 21, 2021.

I loved watching this show and experiencing live performance. I had watched Lottering’s 2020 live streamed shows and was amazed at the new material that he presented in Lottering on Lockdown. I noted how we laughed at aspects of lockdown –but writing in this surge- that all takes on a different resonance. When I saw the show, there was a sense of cautious optimism that we could sit in a theatreb again, masks in place. Things have certainly changed, with the call to #stayhome until the pandemic is brought under control. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to see this superb show ‘live’. Lottering is a genius. He has documented lockdown with a great deal of empathy. It is mirth tinged with sadness and awareness of the greater context in our country – job loss, hunger and despair. Quicket online ticket link:

Here is the link to review, Lottering on Lockdown, Baxter Theatre, December 2020: