Online: Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa, Catch Up Cape Town 2021

 What: The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa 2021 online When: May 30 2021 at 05h00 until June 1, 2021 Tickets: R25 (R20 plus R5 booking fee) Booking link:  

The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa (SSFSA) wrapped up its on-stage season, last Saturday (May 22, 2021), at Artscape. The 11 edition of the festival was scheduled for staging at Artscape and The Masque in Muizenberg but it was decided to present the entire festival at Artscape. The larger venue was more conducive to social/physical distancing. Seventeen schools took part in this year’s festival in Cape Town. All up 18 productions were “re-imagined, adapted and staged” and 358 learners participated. That is according to SSFSA festival director, Blythe Linger. He says that 45 educators were involved with the 2021 festival.  The festival created employment opportunities for six industry professionals, three external organisations and two entry level artists. If you missed out, the good news is that festival was filmed and streams this weekend. Linger: “All of the shows were filmed as part of our 2021 hybrid festival offering. While some were not able to attend the performance in the physical theatre, we wanted to make sure that we create more opportunities for the general public to access these performances. There will be an opportunity to stream each performance via Quicket- R25 to watch two top-three performances (1 festival day). Donations can be made via Quicket.”

Westlake Primary School on stage May 22, 2021, at the FDR (Final Dress Rehearsal) at The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa (SSFSA). Westlake performed Julius Caesar. © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen.

In the dressing room: Celia Musikanth who worked with Coleen Staden (Circle Productions), in partnership with Fondazione Labia [a charitable trust], with drama teachers and learners from Westlake Primary School on a funky and energetic adaption of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen.

✳ Featured image: Celia Musikanth of Circle Productions, in the dressing room with learners from Westlake Primary School. © TheCapeRobyn/Robyn Cohen.