Krotoa Eva van de Kaap – will resume its run at the Artscape Arena-  February 23-26, 2022

Booking for February 2022:
Refunds for December 2021 shows: Call Artscape box office to re-book or to request a refundon 0214217695 or    

Recently the team behind Krotoa Eva van de Kaap, dramatically shifted gears, in order to ensure that the December 2021 season of the acclaimed play would go ahead in the Cape Town summer. Two Dutch actors were unable to travel to Cape Town because of the Omicron variant and director Basil Appollis re-cast two South African actors to join South African actors, Bianca Flanders and Frazer Barry. I was at opening night, last week, December 9 and was astounded, once again by this brilliant play. I do not often tag plays as ‘brilliant’. The script is superb. Bianca Flanders and the company deliver knockout performances. I saw the play in 2019 and was thrilled to see it again, in lockdown, in the pandemic. I was amazed at how heightened everything is in this production: The darkness is darker and the lighter moments are heightened. Unfortunately, the December season has come to a halt, because of Covid related issues in the company. However, this is a hiatus; not an end. The season has not been cancelled and will resume from February 23-26 2022, in the Artscape Arena. Read my review here you will see why I rave about this extraordinary piece of theatre. It is a rare theatre experience – wrapped in layers of poignancy, uncomfortable engagement but at the same time, it is tempered with mirth, humour (lots of clowning and cabaret-esque moments) and song. One becomes immersed in this important story – a narrative – which has for the most part been– buried/erased/expunged. And then playwright and film maker, Sylvia Vollenhoven pulled the complex threads of Krotoa Eva van de Kaap together, into an intensely visceral theatre experience and brought on Basil Appollis to direct. Volenhoven has reclaimed Krotoa Eva van de Kaap; brought her story into focus, for us; now. Try and get a ticket to the February 2021 season – limited seats as per lockdown regulations. Bookings open. Info as supplied:

The 2nd week of Krotoa Eva van de Kaap has been postponed due to Covid-19 

After a swift re-cast to replace the two Dutch actors who were unable to fly from The Netherlands to South Africa in the face of the most recent travel ban, KROTOA Eva van de Kaap has been dealt a dealt a second Covid-19 related blow. To protect all concerned, including audiences, the 2nd week of the play has been postponed to February 23-26 2022 at the Artscape Arena. Booking has already opened. 

KROTOA Eva van de Kaap, written by Sylvia Vollenhoven and directed by Basil Appollis, opened on 9 December to acclaim and has been playing to capacity houses at Artscape. The production is a collaboration between Artscape (SA) and Het Volksoperahuis of Amsterdam, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in SA, the Performing Arts Fund NL and DutchCulture. The play was first performed in The Netherlands in 2018 and subsequently ran in Cape Town and the Free State. 

Says Annet Huizing, Volksoperahuis Producer and Business Manager, “This is a terrible blow to the Krotoa team and to those who have booked to see the remaining five performances from tonight to Saturday. We are however relieved to be able to re-stage the production early in 2022 with Bianca Flanders once again playing the lead opposite Geon Nel, and with Frazer Barry and Riku Lätti returning as the musicians.”

KROTOA Eva van de Kaap tells of the young Khoe girl – Krotoa – who was taken into Van Riebeeck’s household at a young age and went on to become a key negotiator and translator between the Dutch and the local people. Her story, very relevant in contemporary South Africa today, brings to the stage a neglected and contested aspect of shared history in a way that is innovative, deeply moving and thought provoking. Those who have booked tickets for shows taking place today (December 15) to Saturday December 2021, 18, should call the Artscape box office to re-book or to request a refund via 0214217695 or  

✳ Featured image: Riku Lätti and Bianca Flanders in a scene from Krotoa Eva van de Kaap. Supplied.

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