Preview: Aldo Brincat’s The Moon Looks Delicious From Here – a theatre play of magical realism and far off places- exploring  immigrant family dynamics and how they shape identity and heritage in a first-generation citizen.

The Moon Looks Delicious From Here – March 2023 premiere season in Cape Town

When: March 16, 17 at 6.45pm, March 18 at 2.30pm and March 19 at 6pm
Written and performed by:  Aldo Brincat
Directed by: Sjaka Septembir
Age advisory: PG 13
Duration: 70 minutes

Aldo Brincat is a creative who works across multiple genres – including theatre and visual art. He was born and grew up in Durban but has worked extensively abroad. Currently based in the Cape, he is doing a Masters in visual art at the University of Stellenbosch. From March 16-19, 2023, Cape Town audiences will get the opportunity to see him perform in his solo play, The Moon Looks Delicious From Here [TML] directed by Sjaka Septembir. The genesis of TML goes back to January 2022, in Durban, when Brincat presented a 30 minute monologue. This was after Brincat and thespian friends and colleagues, decided to use a family heirloom as the armature for theatres piece about their experiences as first generation South Africans.  After a sold-out performance in Wellington last October [2022], at the Breytenbach Centre, encouraged by his colleagues, Brincat decided to develop the monologue and the result is 70-minute iteration of The Moon Looks Delicious From Here, which is premiering at Theatre Arts in Observatory, Cape Town. Brincat weaves magic, mime, physical performance and narrative to conjure up a story, which is rooted in his own memories and is mostly biographical, but which employs some artistic licence in bringing his story to the stage. It is the beginning of 2023 and March is still a way to go but the venue seating capacity of Theatre Arts is 60 and shows have been selling out, so we thought it would be timely to bring this to the attention of readers. An interview, will follow, soon with Brincat, but in the meantime, here is the information, as supplied:

The Moon Looks Delicious From Here

Written and performed by Aldo Brincat – Directed by Sjaka Septembir

Through the mediums of physical theatre, mime and characterisation, The Moon Looks Delicious From Here, is a 70 minute, one-person theatre show which explores immigrant family dynamics and how they shape identity and heritage in a first-generation citizen.

In this production, the immigrant family is Aldo’s and the adopted “land of opportunity” is South Africa. This mostly autobiographical drama is driven by a loving father and son relationship – each from different eras and motherlands. With aplomb, Brincat plays an array of characters in and around this fragile yet optimistic young nuclear family. Some of the characters are foreign, some local – all of whom are finding (or losing) themselves in the ever-changing political landscape of their new homeland, South Africa.

Language, religion, ambition, sexuality and political leanings are brought into sharp focus as our two lead characters fight off ‘otherness”, while attempting to assert themselves into a volatile new country. Key moments in their lives are juxtaposed against powerful developments in South Africa’s history during the 70s and 80s, and as the effects of apartheid begin to reach boiling point – family ties threaten to fall apart. Though set in Durban, the story is universal in its theme, particularly at this time when the intersectional effects of migrancy are brought increasingly into our consciousness.

Biography- Aldo Brincat

South African theatre die-hards may remember Brincat from his award-winning productions, King Kong, The House Husband, The Boy With The Clown’s Heart, as well as Blacks Like Me, Moron Than Off, and Defending the Cave Brats. Having begun his professional career under Nicholas Ellenbogen at the newly founded Loft Theatre Company at the Natal Playhouse in 1987, Brincat then went on to study theatre in Paris at the legendary Ecole Jacque Le Coq, after which he toured Scandinavia, Europe and Russia as a professional ballet dancer. In the early 1990s, Brincat returned to Durban to establish his theatre company, Brincat Productions. Among his theatre awards and nominations, Brincat was voted by Brent Meersman of the Mail & Guardian SA, as Best Solo Performer of the decade 2000-2009, along with Pieter Dirk Uys, Rob van Vuuren, Andrew Buckland, and James Cunningham. He also received an invitation to perform for then-president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela; the World Bank in Washington, DC, as well as theatres across South Africa and neighbouring countries. Brincat is currently a Masters student of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University.

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Biography- Sjaka Septembir

The Moon Looks Delicious From Here is directed by theatre stalwart, Sjaka Septembir; a jackal with many tricks up his sleeve: writer, director, actor and producer. Staal I: Nag van die Slang-Uil (2020), and Staal II: Slot en Grendel (2020) are his ‘boere-noir’ theatre productions that were performed at Woordfees and the Vrystaatkunstefees (online). He writes poetry for the Ons Klyntji zine and has turned his poems into a dark cabaret called SKOP! He is the co-creator of the graphic novel Bal-oog en Brommel se Moord in Ixiastraat, which gained a cult following in 2019. In 2021, during lockdown, he directed a play, Die Uitweg, based on a Kafka short story. He teaches clowning, yoga and physical theatre. His first novel, Die Bardo van Biko April, was released in October 2022.

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On Saturday March 18, from 10 – 11.30am   Brincat is offering senior high school drama students and varsity students, a 90 minute masterclass in mime, physical theatre, mask work and improvisation. Seats are limited and will be available on a first come first serve basis. Brincat in association with Theatre Arts, are offering a discount for students wishing to attend both the production and masterclass. Tickets are set at R150 for both and only 15 students will be admitted. To book, e-mail Caroline on    

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