Preview: Dreams, friendship, culture, humanity and love- Platform 9: Coming Home at Baxter Golden Arrow Studio, festive season- 2022/2023- starring Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige and directed by Christo Davids

Platform 9: Coming Home   

Venue:  Golden Arrow Studio at Baxter Theatre
When: December 13, 2022 to January 7, 2023
Time: 7pm
Ticket prices:  R144-R180
Featuring: Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige
Director: Christo Davids
Language: Afrikaans and some English  

Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige had me in stitches when I saw Platform 9, at the Baxter in 2013 and 2015 (over the festive season of those years) and they are back at the Baxter over the Cape Town summers festive season 2022/23, with Platform 9: Coming Home. The two actors who are renowned soapie stars have collaborated on several iterations in the Platform 9 comedy franchise, with Christo Davids directing. In addition to his extensive work in multiple spheres on stage and screen, Davids is also a famous soapie star. The Platform 9 shows are mostly in Afrikaans, with some English but as it is Kaapse Afrikaans, those who are Afrikaans challenged, should get the drift and there is terrific physical comedy. Platform 9: Coming Home, wraps up The Platform 9 series, so get there. In addition to the laughter in the series, Platform 9 is as Jantjies says, about “dreams, friendship, culture, humanity and love.” Read on for more:

South African acting trio back with Platform 9: Coming Home at Baxter Theatre complex this festive season- 2022/2023

Top South African actors Theodore Jantjies and Maurice Paige are heading to Platform 9: Coming Home this December with renowned actor and producer Christo Davids in the metaphorical driver’s seat. The trio is bringing their successful comedy show back to the Baxter Theatre where Platform 9 had its first run nine years ago.

The funny two-man show, which will take to the stage from December 13, 2022 until January 7, 2023 in The Golden Arrow Studio at the Baxter Theatre, is performed in Afrikaans and some English and has played to sold-out audiences throughout the country.

Platform 9: Coming Home is a collaboration between three childhood friends who coincidentally all first gained notoriety as local soapie stars.

Davids became well-known for his role as Errol in 7de Laan,  Jantjies as Xander in the same soapie and Paige as Calvin in Isidingo. They have all gone on to pursue different endeavours while the stage is still a shared first love.

“The Baxter has always been where my heart resides. It is the theatre where Platform 9: Coming Home had its first run. We are honoured to bring the last instalment of the trilogy to Baxter. Even more so, we are humbled to be back on stage entertaining Cape Town,” said Davids, who has written and directed the show.

“This production has always been personal to the three of us. It is an ode to the people we grew up with, characters who have influenced us just by watching them live. At the core of it, it’s a story about a brotherhood formed many years ago, three boys with a common dream. This is entrenched in the themes of Platform 9. Most of the stories in the play are biographical recounts of our lives, he added.

Audiences are asked to brace themselves for a laugh-a-minute comedy show as the cast celebrates Cape Town and being Capetonian over the Festive Season. Showcasing familiar characters, as well as some new ones, all making their way to the Utopia of SA.

“Cape Town is known for its diversity and entertaining characters,” said Paige.

Jantjies echoes this by saying, “We portray multiple characters in Platform 9, based on people that we know or grew up with. The best part for me is when we can capture the audience with the honesty of each character.”

This time around the show involves a love story that goes wrong when some pills get mixed up. There is also a guard with a dark secret and a blind man on his way to Parliament to correct the injustices of the past. All this hysterical chaos must be managed by Theo and Mau as their friendship is once again put to the test.

“This is the last leg of the show, and we are super excited to conclude at the Baxter. I believe we’ve built a good audience base for Platform 9 who will be back for more. The show speaks about dreams, friendship, culture, humanity and love,” said Jantjies.

“I think people should come and take away the joy of laughter and enjoy being back in theatres while being reminded of how important friendship is, ” said Paige.

Platform 9: Theodore Jantjies (in pic) performs with Maurice Paige, in Platform 9: Coming Home in the Baxter’s Golden Arrow Studio, from December 13, 2022 to January 7, 2023. Supplied.
Platform 9: Maurice Paige (in pic), performs with Theodore Jantjies, in Platform 9: Coming Home in the Baxter’s Golden Arrow Studio, from December 13, 2022 to January 7, 2023. Supplied.

✳ Featured image- Maurice Paige and Theodore Jantjies, in Platform 9: Coming Home, to be staged in the Baxter’s Golden Arrow Studio, from December 13, 2022 to January 7, 2023. Supplied images. Sponsored content.