Preview: Exciting theatre for children – Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef – presented by Motorhuis Productions, Cape Town- at two venues

Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef

Writer/director: Alberto Smit
Cast: Jeani Heyns and Kerscha Titus
Producer: Motorhuis Productions  

Where and when:  

~ Galloway Theatre, Waterfront Theatre School
November 11-12, 2022 – 4.30pm
Booking link for The Galloway:  

~ The Drama Factory in the Strand
November 19, 2022 – noon and 2pm
Booking link for The Drama Factory:   

Tickets prices for both venues– R80 – R100, R60 for block bookings
Age advisory: Family
Language: Afrikaans with isiXhosa    
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Exciting children’s theatre news is that Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef, is being staged by Motorhuis Productions in Cape Town at The Galloway Theatre (Waterfront Theatre School) – November 10-12, 2022 and at The Drama Factory in the Strand – November 19, 2022. Motorhuis Productions is headed up by the ebullient Jeani Heyns. The production features clowning and colourful costumes. Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef, Heyns describes as a playful story told by, ”two clowns from the Future”. They warn us “about what happens when a certain group of people don’t want to ‘go with the times’”, she says. The production – a two hander- premiered at the 2022 KKNK. The script has been written by Alberto Smit and he also directs. There are four characters: Two narrator clowns, André (the leader of the RBKV) and Guppie (see below for more on the charchters). Jeani Heyns plays a narrator clown and André. Kerscha Titus plays a narrator clown and Guppie. Read on for more:

Description of the production in Afrikaans:

Motorhuis Productions bied ‘n SPLINTERNUWE kinder produksie aan! Twee hansworse van die die jaar is 2052 kom vertel vir ons die storie van Guppie, ‘n grenspos bewaarder. Guppie bly in ‘n klein boere gemeenskap. Die Republiek van Die Kapok Boere Vereeniging (Of die RKBV). So vernoem na ‘n aardbewing ‘n skeur getrek het reg rondom ‘n lappie aarde wat twaalf plase, twee opvang damme en ‘n kerk insluit. Guppie staar vir dae aan een na die elektriese heining en vra: Is daar lewe aan die ander kant? Lyk hulle soos monsters uit een van sy ergste nagmerries, of is die antwoord… ‘n blikkie? Die storie vertelling word d.m.v narwerk en fisiese komedie behartig. Guppie sal die jong klomp laat skater lag, terwyl die onderliggende kommentaar volwassenes sal laat na dink oor ons huidige polere samelewing, mense met noue gedagtes en die vrees vir “die ander”.

Description of the production in English:

Two clowns time travel from the year 2052, and depicts the parable of Guppie. The story is set in “Die Republiek van Die Kapok Boere Vereeniging” (Or the RKBV). After a devastating earthquake hits the town, a chasm forms around a patch of land that includes twelve farms, two dams and a church. As a border security guard, Guppie’s job is to stare at the electric fence for days on end. He wonders: Is there life on the other side? Do they look like monsters from one of his worst nightmares, or can the answer be found in a tin can? This production uses clowning and physical theatre techniques, and has something in store for young and old. It challenges the way we think about our world, and the people in it.”

A note from writer/director

Director/writer, Alberto Smit says: “Die Dag toe Guppie Sweef is ‘n speelse vertelling van ou eng reels, nuwe vriendskap en hoe om jou wêreld te verander.” Translation: “The show is a playful story about old rules, new friendships and how to change your world.” This is his first gig as director. With this production, he says that he hopes to “inspire a love for theatre and others, amongst the youth”.

Translation of the title from Afrikaans- into English

Jeani Heyns explains: “The day Guppie took the leap/lept is probably the most accurate English translation of the title. The story of Guppie has a moral lesson to it. If you continue to stay stuck, in your bubble of comfortability (socially and culturally), the rest of the world will progress, and you will stay stuck. It’s a little nod at how certain pockets of our South African society just don’t want to move on from ‘the old ways’. The RBKV is old, and falling apart, within a thriving, technologically advanced and culturally colourful South Africa in 2055. The moral: Beware of becoming like the people from the RKBV. Now, Guppie, our protagonist, starts questioning the system of the RKBV from within. He then needs to ‘take’ the proverbial leap to the other side.“

The genesis of the production – an imagined future of South Africa

As to how the production came about, Heyns says: “The concept was conceived during my travels through small town South African. One is so aware of the cultural polarisation that exists, which many spaces not being integrated yet. This play is the imagined future of South Africa, and what would happen to those communities who refuse to integrate and open themselves up to other cultures. The KKNK prompt to create something for Lucky Pakkie forced us to put pen to paper. Alberto ultimately breathed life into the piece with his writing. Regarding the ‘guppie’, Guppie is the name of our main character. It is a reference to a ‘Guppy’ fish. Calling him Guppie is the same as calling him ‘Small Fry’/Little fishy. He is, metaphorically, a small fish in a big, scary, intimidating pond.”

Clowning: Jeani Heyns and Kerscha Titus in Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef. This production for children premiered at the 2022 KKNK and will be on in Cape Town at The Galloway Theatre (Waterfront Theatre School) – November 10-12, 2022 and at The Drama Factory in the Strand – November 19, 2022. The production company is Motorhuis Productions. Supplied pic.
Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef

Producer: Motorhuis Productions
Instagram: @motorhuisproductions
Creative team bios:

Actor: Jeani Heyns is a Waterfront Theatre School graduate. She recently started a production company Motorhuis productions, and kicked off the year with her one woman show, Ek, Ouer at The Drostdy Theatre, and Die Dag toe Guppie Sweef, at KKNK.  Throughout her training, Jeani has explored various aspects of production, from designing, directing and writing. Her acting repertoire includes productions such as Debadt (Jochamina), History Girls (Queen Elizabeth II) and a small feature role on Die Boekklub S2, and Projek Dina S2. She is signed with I Artist Management.

Actor: Kerscha Titus is currently busy with her Honors in Children’s Theatre at the University of Stellenbosch. During her studies, she has performed in works such as Swawelkind (2021) and Jantjies en die Pearls (Teksmark 2022). Her most recent show was Nipped in the Butt (Woordfees 2022). 

Director and writer Alberto Smit is a young creative working in the film, TV and theatre industry. Alberto believes in being a well-rounded creative and taking on a variety of roles in the industry from stage managing, production managing and performing. He completed his Honours in Drama and Theatre Studies specialising in Creative Writing at @us_drama in 2021. As Stage manager his credits include Met Liefde, Vincent (@suidoosterkunstefees & @woordfees 2022), Kraai (Woordfees 2020), Bless die Blou Bal (Woordfees Fringe 2020) and Ode aan ‘n Oneman Show (@premierefees 2019). As a performer his credits include Die Vlieënde Koffer (WoordfeesTV 2021), Grope-vir-jou en Juliet (Teksmark and Premiere Theatre Festival 2021), Rommelstaat (2020), The Horror of Permanence (2019), Fr(Agility) (2019) and Ballestiek (2019). Alberto has a love for theatre and is passionate about extending his love for the medium through his work. Alberto completed the KKNK|Nati studio, an online-directing course facilitated by Marthinus Basson, in 2021.  
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Clowns from the future: Jeani Heyns in n Die Dag Toe Guppie Sweef, produced by Motorhuis Productions. The production is on in Novemeber 2022 at The Galloway Theatre:  and at the The Drama Factory:   

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