Preview: Hybrid theatre/film, (extra)ordinary, (un)usual – screening at The Masque, Cape Town on October 11, and all of October via quicket.

Innovative theatre maker and producer, Faeron Wheeler is presenting (extra)ordinary, (un)usual – which will be screened at The Masque in Cape Town on October 11 AND will be available for streaming for a global audience, through October.

The piece – a compilation of award-winning monologues written by Pete Malicki of The Monologue Project -is hybrid- bringing theatre and film together. In addition the presentation will be hybrid. There is the opportunity to sit in the Masque – be physically present – with others – during Covid-19. For months, we could not commune with each other in a live performance setting. We watched live streams, in our own bubbles at home. However, the pandemic has certainly shown us that there are benefits to making shows available through streaming. It is not always possible to get to a theatre or we may want to watch something in another city. Streaming makes theatre/film accessible for a national and global audience. Watch this space for more about extra)ordinary, (un)usual. We live in extraordinary and unusual times, that is for sure, so stay tuned for more but in the meanwhile, book your seat for the Masque –seats limited because of Covid regulations. Bookings for the Masque season, via Computicket (not set up yet) or e-mail: or call 082 694 6879. Quicket link will go up soon. Here is the info, supplied by Faeron Wheeler. The production is being produced by Wheeler’s company, F Creations.

What: (extra)ordinary, (un)usual

When: October 2020

Streaming: TBC

Contact: Faeron Wheeler 073 395 4457


F Creations is proud to announce the South African debut of (extra)ordinary, (un)usual. This production is a hybrid creation, bringing together elements of theatre and film into one finished product. It will be available for streaming via Quicket for the month of October.

The play is a selection of award-winning monologues written by Pete Malicki of The Monologue Project. Hailing from Australia, Malicki has seen versions of (extra)ordinary, (un)usual performed all over the world. This is the first time it will be shown in South Africa, and the first time it has been done as a filmed production.

Director, Faeron Wheeler, has picked six monologues written by Malicki and paired them with just the right Cape Town actors. Audiences can look forward to a selection of off-beat characters, all with a unique story to tell. No two life stories are the same, and these interesting characters certainly prove this theory.

This production is a hybrid theatre-film concoction that combines the best of both worlds. Wheeler has used the intimate nature of being able to get up close and personal with film, all the while keeping to her theatre roots for performance style. There’s no realism in the setting, but the actors are using their voices and bodies to bring very real characters to life.

The idea for bringing (extra)ordinary, (un)usual to life in this manner came from Wheeler’s experiences with creating content for the National Arts Festival vFringe earlier this year. With restrictions on group gatherings and performances spaces being closed for so long, it felt like the right time to experiment. Yes, live theatre is happening again, but this project has become an expression of a year where so many of us had to adapt to a “new normal”.

We look forward to streaming (extra)ordinary, (un)usual into the homes of people around the world this October.

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