Smokie- Live in South Africa 2022  


~ Grand Arena at GrandWest, Cape Town, December 15, 2022
~ SunBet Arena at Time Square, Pretoria, December 16, 2022
~ Big Top Arena at Carnival City (Brakpan), December 17, 2022  

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Whoohoo! The great news is that Lefra Productions has announced that the British super group, Smokie, will “definitely be coming to South Africa” from December 15-17 2022.  The group will be playing the Grand Arena at GrandWest in Cape Town, December 15, the SunBet Arena, at Time Square in Pretoria on December 16 and at the Big Top Arena at Carnival City (Brakpan) on December 17, 2022.  Now, listen up, the official designated booking sites are or  Please, note that Secondary Ticketing Platforms, also known as on-selling ticket platforms are popping up when one searches Smokie- South Africa 2022. These are not the designated sites, authorised by Lefra to sell the Smokie tickets. On one Secondary Ticketing Platform, it appears that the Smokie tickets have sold out and that there are a handful of seats available. This is blatantly misleading.  Guess what – this site has secured tickets and they are being offered at widely inflated prices – way beyond the listed prices on the designated booking sites. It is interesting to see that in Australia, authorities have been fining sites which are making false claims – that no seats are available, for sports and entertainment events and that consumers need to purchase from them in order to secure tickets. There are Secondary Ticketing Platforms which are selling legitimate tickets – albeit at inflated prices. Why pay more when they are available on the designated sites at a fraction of the price? Beyond the inflated prices situation, there may be fake tickets, punted on some platforms. Tickets look legit with barcodes and logos but when presented at the door, the barcodes may not scan and that means no entry. Please be on the alert for scamsters. It is a scam when a site puts out that a concert is sold out (when there is availability) and that in order to purchase seats, one needs to book on that site. It is fraud when fake tickets are sold. For Smokie, South Africa 2022, book at or A big shout-out to Lefra for keeping the company going in Covid. Check out the featured image on this page –Smokie in concert in Ireland in February 2022- packed venue. Fabulous to see and we look forward to welcoming the group in the summer of 2022, South Africa. Info as supplied:

Smokie tour – South Africa 2022- happening after numerous cancellations

Frans Swart, Managing Director of Lefra Productions says he is very excited that Smokie will eventually be coming to South Africa.    “Due to Covid-19, we had to postpone the Smokie tour a few times in the last 30 months, but now we are totally ready for the party of the year.  I would really like to thank our patrons and ticket holders for their patience the past two and a half years.  Your patience and support are much appreciated.  Thank you also for understanding that the decisions to postpone the tours was also not in our hands.  I can assure the Smokie supporters that the South African Smokie tour is definitely going to be worth the wait!.”

A short history of Smokie

The original group was established in 1966, when Smokie still called themselves Smokey and the debut album Pass It Around, was released.  To be rock ‘n’ roll survivors is an achievement. To be Europe’s top live band, forty three years after its inception is truly fantastic; but to still be enthusiastic, fresh, totally committed and in love with the music is a positive miracle.

Perhaps one can compare Smokie to Brazil’s national football team, in the sense that Brazil, despite the changes to the team, still plays the best football in the world.  Similarly, Smokie has undergone a series of changes over the years without losing the essence of the band, and the youngest group seems to be the strongest ever: Pete Lincoln (lead singer, guitar), Luke Bullard (backing vocals, bass guitar), Mick McConnell (backing vocals, lead guitarist), Martin Bullard (keyboards) and Steve Pinnell (drums and percussion).

Smokie loves South Africa

“Smokie is not a lone star.  We are a group.  Smokie is a sound, and is not dependent on one person as is often the case in pop music.  Our strength lies in teamwork, and I say without hesitation that our current team is our best ever.  Smokie has simply never been as good as it is now “, says lead singer, Pete Lincoln.  “Smokie loves South Africa and we are looking forward to our tour to South Africa – especially to your warm summer and wonderful sunshine.  Keep your braais and red wine ready!”


Tickets for any of the Smokie concerts can be purchased at Computicket 0861 915 8000 or  Groups more than 10 at discounted prices: Monica Booysen on (011) 815 3000 of at  For more information, please visit

Group bookings

For group bookings more than 10, please phone Monica Booysen on 0118153000 or email to  Smokie’s tour to South Africa is presented with the kind assistance of  Computicket, RSG, Van Loveren Wines, Ambassador Execudrive, Hollywood Costumes, Crown National, LTickets, Frans Kook,  Britz Couriers and Removals, Lift Airlines, Lekker FM and Bok Radio.  More information at

Packed arena: Smokie, in Ireland, Vicar Street, February 20, 2022. Supplied.

Featured image – Smokie – the British group in Ireland, Vicar Street, February 20, 2022. Supplied.