Preview: Grappling with teenage leadership in Die Susterskap, in the finals of play competition, ATKV Tienertoneel – October 5, 6 and 7, 2022

Die Susterskap- thriller – written by Darryl Spijkers- drama teacher at Parel Vallei High School  

In competition: at the ATKV Tienertoneel Finals, at Artscape Theatre

When: Die Susterskap is on October 5, 6 and 7, 2022

Tickets: Computicket @R100 a ticket
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Performers: Talia Roux, Doline Havinga and Zané  Habig and other learners from Parel Vallei High School  

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There are 10 productions, competing in the 2022 ATKV Tienertoneel Finals, at Artscape Theatre. The national finals are taking place between October 3 and 8, with schools competing from around the country for cash prizes, a trophy and the opportunity to be part of SU Woordfees and the Suidoosterfees. One of the most anticipated plays at the 2022 ATKV Tienertoneel Finals, is Parel Vallei High School’s Die Susterskap – a thriller written by Darryl Spijkers, who is the drama teacher at the school in Somerset West and has shown his commitment into staging cutting edge works of excellence for teens. Die Susterskap is being staged on October 5, 6 and 7 at the Finals. Parel Vallei has two plays in the Finals – which is fantastic. The other play is Maanmaats. Spijkers writes plays which grapple with issues which youth are dealing with and provides the opportunity for learners to engage with issues in the safe space of theatre. In addition, there is the drive to train youngsters in theatre and lay down the skills for their careers in the arts. The leading actresses in Die Susterskap, have already received awards for their work. In the lead-up to the finals, Spijkers says that Die Susterskap has been praised as “as a higher grade performance by school actresses and a text that keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Read on for more. Info as supplied:


Absorbing and immersive

Absorbing and immersive – Die Susterskap is one of the plays hoping to wow the audience at this year’s ATKV Tienertoneel Finals. Written and directed by Parel Vallei High School drama teacher Darryl Spijkers (Hansie Slim, DORS), is the only play in the 2022  competition, which falls into the complex genre of the thriller and which delves into deep issues which are part of the landscape of being at school. ‘It has been an absolute treat to work with subject matter that relates very closely to anyone who has experienced the school system’ says Spijkers.

About the ATKV Tienertoneel

Tienertoneel is a project run by the ATKV and this year 179 plays from schools across the provinces entered for a spot in the top 10. Plays may be in any genre and may be in any language but the bulk of the text, must be in Afrikaans. This forms part of a longstanding tradition of cultivating young Afrikaans performers and writers, many of whom go on to become part of the growing theatre and film industry.

About Die Susterskap

The play, Die Susterskap, follows the format of a hearing/tribunal, led by a school governing body into an incident at the school. Flashbacks are woven together to give sight into a night when twelve girls from a traditional all-girls school are stranded in the middle of nowhere. They have to navigate a way back to reality- and safety. Trained to be feminine, disciplined and sophisticated, this group of young women are pushed into a state of trauma.  The young women are part of a capella music group. They are pushed into a state of trauma. Each one deals with the distressing situation in different ways. Things unravel, as desperation sets in and they grapple with steering their way through the night.

Struggle and warning – resonates with teenage girls and a call-out for adults to heed

‘Their reality is eerie and revealing, showing us so much more than we expect. To have everyone simply cry about being stranded would be the easy way out – instead we see the focus of the play shift to a struggle of the minds of teenage girls who have different views as well as the last kick of a dying horse, that of the group leader Nadia (Talia Roux), as she tries to lead and maintain order and power – leaving us with many things to think about after the curtain falls’ explains Spijkers. 

Many school systems still have systems giving badges, blazers and rights to young leaders called ‘council members’ or ‘prefects’. There are also ‘head leaders’ assuming clear hierarchy amongst learners. ‘The only other place we see this form of decorated and regimented structure is in the army. The play intends to question the validly of adults giving leadership responsibility to minors. And all this in 2022 when the world has changed – or has it? When youngsters break the rules or go too far – whose fault is it? Who is to be held accountable? Die Susterskap is both an eye-opener and a warning and is set to resonate with teenager and adults,” notes Spijkers.

For a battle of traditional values versus true experience wrapped up with powerful visuals, Die Susterskap is the one to see. Leading actresses Talia Roux, Doline Havinga and Zané Habig have all received multiple awards for their performances. With an advisory warning of parental guidance (16) this play has already made waves in nine performances and you can see more at parelvallei.drama on Instagram. Tickets for the 58th ATKV Tienetoneel Final at the Artscape Theatre are available on Computicket with shows on October 5, 6 and 7, 2022. For more information, check out the ATKV website at:

Die Susterskap: This thriller, written by Darryl Spijkers, drama teacher at Parel Vallei High School. Learners from the school are performing in the play at Arstcape, at the ATKV Tienertoneel Finals,  October 5, 6 and 7, 2022. Pic: Nardus Engelbrecht. Supplied.
Die Susterskap; A play by Darryl Spijkers, performed by learners from Parel Vallei High School, Somerest West. Pic Nardus Engelbrecht. Supplied.
Die Susterskap. Teenage leadership- excavated in this play by, Darryl Spijkers, performed by learners from Parel Vallei High School. The play is a top ten finalist in the 2022 ATKV Tienertoneel Finals, at Artscape Theatre. Pic by Nardus Engelbrecht. Supplied.

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