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The Jewish Literary Festival was scheduled to take place on March 15, 2020. The live event was cancelled because of Covid-19 and the national lockdown. Theatres and venues were officially closed on March 15. Cognizant of public safety, the organisers of the bi-annual Cape Town event made the call to stop the events planned for the Sunday 15th. Mindful of the amazing events planned for the festival, it was decided to migrate online during the pandemic. The Jewish Literary Festival @Home takes is rolling out webinars every Thursday, 8pm CAT (Central African Time)/SAST (South African Standard Time).  Events have been tabled until August and may continue- watch this space. If you have a festival pass – purchased for the March 15 festival – that will provide you with access to Jewish Literary Festival @Home. Or buy a pass through Quicket.

This info provided by publicist Beryl Eichenberger:

“If you purchased a ticket for the physical festival it remains valid for all the upcoming sessions and you will be advised as to ‘how to access’ accordingly. Bearing in mind that ‘on day’ you would have only been able to sit in on six sessions we are offering huge value. Now we offer those who were not able to purchase tickets previously the opportunity to join us for these dynamic conversations.”

Review/interview: The Trouble With My Aunt

March 2020 – that like another planet. Read the review/ interview on TheCapeRobyn with JLF featured writer Hedi Lampert about, The Trouble With My Aunt. Lampert’s novel was inspired by inspired by her aunt who was born “with Fragile X syndrome- caused by an inherited genetic mutation which results in cognitive impairment, learning disabilities and autism.” I am quoting from my own review. Lampert’s book is fun, insightful and foregrounds a common cognitive impairment which many may be unaware of and may provide vital information in seeking diagnosis for a family member or offspring of a contact. Lampert conjures up a vivid portrait of Jewish Johannesburg – 1970s ish – such as picking jasmine to decorate the table for Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and knowing that of you haven’t started studying for exams, by the time, the jasmine is out, it is probably too late. As we sit in the pandemic, there are poignant reminders that religious and cultural gatherings – communing around a table – are on pause for now. Schools are largely operating online. Exams may be held virtually. The jasmine will hopefully bloom in September. Books have the capacity to transport us to other realms and during this awful time, are providing many people with solace.  Check in for inspiration with the webinars

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Jewish Literary Festival @Home Upcoming sessions – to be updated – Thursdays 8pm CAT

July 16 @ 8pm CAT/SAST: Cyril’s Choices- lessons from 25 years of freedom in South Africa. Author and journalist John Matisonn is in conversation with Jonathan Ancer.

July  23 @ 8pm CAT/SAST: The role and limits of lawfare in South Africa in 2020. Judge Dennis Davis talks about his latest book to Prof. Pierre de Vos.