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Here we are, in lockdown South Africa, following the directive to stay-at-home and only go out to purchase essential goods – food and medical. Those who can are working from home. For the most part, that entails internet and a computer or electronic device- in working order. As we all know, computers pack up. It may be a black screen of death or a pink screen (a faulty ribbon). Good news is that computer technicians are deemed as essential workers. As a licenced provider, Laurence Slotow, can assist clients and hopefully fix the problem.

Remote help and from the Southern suburbs, Cape Town

Laurence Slotow operates his business, Dial-A-Ninja, from the Southern suburbs in Cape Town. The first prize is when he dials into your computer by remote access. Frequently, he can fix the issue by doing that and by talking you through the problem. Often a small tweak and the problem is fixed. That is first prize. Big sigh of relief when that happens.

Hardware issues

If your computer cannot be fixed by remote, Dial-A-Ninja will fetch the computer. Yes, this will entail putting it outside the door in a plastic bag. Dial-A-Ninja will use surface sanitiser and take the computer away for a check-up. In line with the safety regulations, as gazetted by the SA government, precautions will be taken by Dial-A-Ninja, before work begins on the unit. Once the problem is sorted (hopefully, it will be sorted!), the same procedure will be repeated. The computer will be cleaned with surface sanitiser. It will be placed in a clean bag and delivered to your home/office and left outside the door.

Mouse and computer cable packed up?

Dial-A-Ninja is able “to obtain hardware and spares (mouse, cables etc), from Government essential services approved vendors during the lockdown and so most needs can be met.”

Dial-A-Ninja services – post lockdown

In addition to sorting out computer issues, Dial-A-Ninja provides a spectrum of technology services. There are packages for private and corporate users.

Voice over internet phones

Ditching the old style landline? Go for a VOIP unit and pay from R135 a month which includes the phone unit and installation (excludes VAT). Your existing land line number can be ported or you can get a new number.

Business installations- including cabling – within one week. Well, that is when we are not in lockdown.

Working from home

Internet LTE within two days. Yes, that is post lockdown but again, you can expect a quick turnaround, Place your order now, during lockdown.

The pandemic has shown us the need to be wired for speed and connectivity.


Take advantage of lowdown specials and sign up for a corporate account with Dial-A-Ninja which will be activated after lockdown.

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Dial-A-Ninja contact details

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By phone: 082 499 3833